Thousands of young environmentalists march against the G-20 in armored Rome

In the middle of a Armored Rome, thousands of activists they have protested this Saturday against economic and environmental policies of the G-20 powers, which represent more than 80% of world GDP and they are responsible for 80% of global CO2 emissions (more than 42% produced by the United States and China). The protesters marched peacefully, in a festive atmosphere, before the gaze of the hundreds of riot police -There are about 8,000 deployed these days in the Italian capital- who are ensuring the safety of the 35 delegations that are in the city on the occasion of the summit.

The largest demonstration was that of the young environmentalists from Friday for Future, the collective inspired by the Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, who, together with the also ecologist group of Extinction Rebellion, They left the Roman neighborhood of Ostiense in the direction of the Boca de la Verdad, center of rome. You the G-20, we the futurethey wrote on one of the largest banners. We have no alternatives. You are the problem, we are the solution, could be read in others.

In a side event, other young people got More expensive with the faces of world leaders and, dressed like this, they kicked a ball with the drawing of the planet several times. While less humorous and crowded was, instead, a protest called by the Communist Party in the Plaza de San Juan de Letrán, where the main object of the unrest was Mario Draghi, Italian Prime Minister.

Border controls

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The latter enjoys some support in Italy, especially for having given Italy back a leading role in the international policy. But the top of the G-20 It is also celebrated at a delicate time for the country, with the socioeconomic crisis still unresolved and with a small (albeit noisy) part of the citizenry that is strongly opposed to the rigid measures adopted by Draghi to achieve the goal of 90% of the population over 12 years vaccinated against covid.

In this climate, the Italian Government days ago reinforced the border controls to prevent the entry of anti-globalization activists and imposed a Red zone access prohibited in the neighborhood where the G-20 is taking place. With this, the only group of protesters who tried, early in the morning, to cut a street near the event was quickly evicted by the police. The objective of the authorities, in fact, is that the city does not become a battlefield as happened two weeks ago, when the extreme right infiltrated some demonstrations of anti-vaccine groups and tried to storm the Palazzo Chigi, the seat of the Italian Government.

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