Thousands hope for a place in CHLSD

Nearly 4,000 people are currently waiting for a place in a CHSLD in Quebec, a number that continues to increase despite the CAQ’s promises to reduce the lists.

Some 3,739 people were still hoping for a place in a CHSLD in the province on January 29, 2022, according to the latest data from the Ministry of Health and Social Services. The Estrie and Bas-Saint-Laurent regions have the highest waiting ratios, respectively 108 and 80 people per 100,000 inhabitants.

Over the past 11 months, 524 additional people have joined the waiting list, an overall increase of 16%. And this, even if the CAQ was rather committed to melting this unenviable statistic.

“We have reduced the number of users per room, for obvious health reasons. […] Also, the pandemic has accelerated requests for a place in a CHSLD, ”explains the office of the minister responsible for seniors, Marguerite Blais.

“Wide back”

“The pandemic has a broad back. It is unacceptable that we do not find solutions, ”deplores in response Pierre Lynch, president of the Quebec Association for the Defense of the Rights of Retired and Pre-retired Persons (AQDR). “They are our builders. If we have the quality of life we ​​have today, it is to these people that we owe it. »

Among these people who wait for a place, nearly 1000 occupy a bed in a hospital centre. In the context, the network would do well without this additional pressure. The Council for the protection of the sick even speaks of an aberration when there is a solution both for the elderly and to defuse the situation in the emergency rooms.

“It’s a whole chain, everything is connected. If we start to resolve this issue, we will simultaneously resolve at least 25% of the problem of emergency and hospital beds, ”estimates the president of the organization, Paul Brunet, calling on the government to act.

Home support

Among the solutions identified by the stakeholders consulted, home care and improving the care available there top the list. Because the construction of “seniors’ homes” and new CHSLDs comes with delays.

“It would take a real ambulatory turn with budgets that follow,” adds Mr. Lynch. “If we succeed in delaying the transition to CHSLDs for the 2,300 people currently waiting at home by offering them real care, we could perhaps rebalance supply and demand. »

“In home care, more than 2 billion additional dollars will be invested by the end of our mandate,” defends the minister’s office. “This new money aims to increase the volume and quality of service. »

Waiting lists from one place to CHSLD in Quebec

  • 3739: Waiting patients
  • 2314: Home
  • 872: In hospital center
  • 446: In an intermediate or family-type resource
  • 107: Others

Source: MSSS

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