Those who tweet about politics do not represent the population of Mexico

Twitter is a great tool for marketers looking to promote various products and services.

Unfortunately, in the political debate that takes place on this social network, there are many expressions of hate and intolerance typical of people dominated by who knows what dark emotions; insults and disqualifications generally replace the constructive dialogue that should be held by adults who supposedly defend the values ​​of democracy.

If the majority of people were represented by those who express their political opinions through Twitter, I would conclude that contemporary society lacks the slightest decency.

But the reality is different and every day we meet good, decent and normal people who, like us, seek to live their lives in peace, in the company of their loved ones and with the least possible amount of economic, emotional and health problems. .

After all, those who address political issues on Twitter do not represent the population of Mexico or any other country.

In the United States there are 76.9 million Twitter users representing only 23.2% of the population, which means that 76.9% of Americans have never tweeted or read a tweet.

What’s more, the average Twitter user produces two tweets a month and 80% of all tweets come from the top 10% of tweeters, or 7.7 million people or 2.3% of the population.

In Mexico, according to, there are 13.9 million users that represent 10.8% of the population. There is no reliable data on how many of them use Twitter daily and how many accounts are inactive, not sending or reading a single tweet. But, only with the available data, it can be affirmed that 89.2% of Mexicans have never tweeted or read a tweet.

In summary, the polarization and hatred in the discussions about politics that take place on Twitter show us the prejudices and traumas of a very small minority of Mexicans, whether they are for or against the government in power.

What’s more, judging by the trending topics that are updated multiple times each day, political topics rarely dominate the top spots. For example, as of this writing yesterday, only three of the top 15 were on political issues, five were on sports, four were on entertainment, and the remaining three were on crime, gambling, and well wishes: 1. #FelicesChampions (sports), 2. Luis de Llano (shows), 3. #JoseRamonLopezBeltran18 (politics), 4. CodereEsRayado (bets), 5. Yordi (shows), 6. Azucena (politics), 7. Sasha (shows), 8. #ReyesEnCombate (shows), 9. #PoderosaMañanita (good wishes), 10. Real Madrid (sports), 11. Haas (sports), 12. Kevin Magnussen (sports), 13. Kroos (sports), 14. Atlixco (crime) and, 15. Milenio (politics).

So far, my experience on this social network has been positive. I understand and accept that people don’t always agree with me, but when someone insults me I block them immediately because no one should tolerate any offense on or off social media. Moreover, a large number of my followers have shown me great solidarity and affection on various occasions, which I will always be grateful for.

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