This was the Antonov An-225, the largest plane in the world destroyed by the Russians

  • The Ukrainian state arms manufacturer reported this Sunday the destruction of the legendary cargo plane, with a wingspan of 88.40 meters, of which there was only one unit

The Antonov An-225 Mriya It is the largest airplane in the world, an aviation behemoth whose wingspan (that is, the total width from wing to wing) is 88.40 meters, colossal dimensions if one takes into account that the gigantic Airbus A380 does not reach 65 meters. From the An-225 only one unit builtwhose base is at the Ukrainian airport of Hostomela few kilometers from Kiev, one of the hot spots of clashes between the armed forces of Russia and Ukraine.

In the last few days, information about the possible destruction of this jewel of aeronautics with six engines and 32-wheel landing gear, holder of the world record for air cargo transport, with 189.9 tons in a single flight. In fact, last Thursday, the chief pilot of Antonov Airlines, Dmytro Antonovassured that, despite the fact that the Hostomel airport had been occupied by Russian forces, the An 225 Mriya had not been damaged.

This Sunday, however, the worst omens of the friends of aeronautics were confirmed: the Reuters agency reported that the An-225 was set on fire in a Russian attackaccording to the Ukrainian state arms manufacturer Ukroboronprom on its Facebook page: “The Russian occupiers destroyed the flagship of Ukrainian aviation, the legendary An-225 Mriya.”

Buran Transport

The news of the possible destruction of the iconic cargo plane had aeronautics fans with their hearts in their fists. The result of a Soviet military project in the 1980s, the An-225 flew for the first time in December 1988 and was presented to society at the Paris Air Show in June 1989. Its objective was to be able to transport space shuttles on the fuselage Soviets Buran, as well as the Energia booster rockets. The project, however, came to a halt with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the final opening of the Buran program. Only one unit and part of a second would be built. Until January 2002, the intimidating An-225 it would not make its first commercial flight, operated by Antonov Airlines: Stuttgart-Oman, with a load of 187.5 tons of prepared meals.

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According to the Flightaware tracker, Antonov’s last flight took place on February 5th: The operation departed from Billund airport, in Denmark, and arrived in Hostomel around 5:36 p.m. local time.

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