Verónica Forqué left us this Monday after having won the hearts of many viewers throughout a professional career with many projects. One of the most prominent was’Pepa y Pepe ‘, a comedy that he starred alongside Tito Valverde for two seasons on TVE in 1995.

Inspired by the American series ‘Rosseanne’ and composed of two 34-episode seasons (20 in the first and 14 in the second), the series, directed by Manuel Iborra, the actress’s ex-partner, told the stories of a family of the class Spanish worker.

Forqué played Pepa, a woman has a very bad temper, even though she looks like an innocent person. She is willing to defend her rights as a woman at all times and considers herself happy with her children and her husband. On the other hand, Tito Valverde gave life to Pepe, a good-natured guy, whom nobody pays attention to and who adores his family.

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The fiction also featured the participation of other well-known actresses such as María Adánez, Silvia Abascal and Carlos Vilches. Adánez was the eldest daughter of the couple whose main concerns were her physique and her wardrobe while Abascal gave life to Clara, the middle of the ‘Pepa and Pepa’ family, who had a sweet character although she proposed to hide it after her comments sarcastic. For his part, Vilches played Jorge, a mischievous boy with study difficulties.


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