This legendary Vancouver house has starred in movies and music videos. It is now selling for $12.8 million. –

The house is surrounded by forests, reflecting ponds and a stream. The property frequently visits deer, herons and bears.

(Photography by Ema Peter)

On Groveland Road in West Vancouver sits a three-story fusion of glass, steel and chrome, famous for its curved white steel structure. It’s a masterpiece of late ’70s modernism by one of Canada’s most iconic architects, Arthur Erickson (and, for Liam Neeson fans, it served as the glass mansion owned by a drug cartel leader in the 2019 action movie). Cold chase.) It is currently on the market for $12.8 million.

The residence, known as Eppich House II, is named for the couple who commissioned it: Hugo Eppich, a manufacturing magnate, and his wife, Brigitte, who were looking to build a home for their growing family in 1978. Erickson had already designed Eppich House I, private residence of Hugo’s twin brother Helmut. Hugo and Brigitte were captivated by Erickson’s modernist design aesthetic, so they approached him about building them a house of their own.

Erickson considered Eppich House II to be his most complete work because he had complete freedom in designing the house, including much of the furniture. The Eppichs had only one requirement: that Erickson place a window in each space. And so, the residence is wrapped in floor-to-ceiling windows; Even the laundry room has a tall and narrow one. Hugo then used Ebco Industries, his metal fabrication, electroplating and furniture companies, to produce custom-made materials for the house.

Monica Feldman, the Eppichs’ middle daughter, was 22 when her family moved into the house in 1988; she lived there for the next four years before moving in with her now husband. “What I like most about the house is how Arthur managed to bring the outside in,” she remembers.

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The structure is surrounded by forests, reflecting ponds and a stream, blending into the floor-to-ceiling glass design. Through the windows of the house, Feldman often observed ducks, herons, raccoons and the occasional bear visiting his property. “Mom was reaching for her phone to try to take a photo of a deer standing on our deck, and one time Dad caught a deer walking down the path toward the front door,” he says.

Liam Neeson wasn’t the only celebrity to spend time at the house.Shirley MacLaine and actor Adam Arkin occasionally visited the Eppichs for lunch. In 2021, producers working with actress and singer Dove Cameron saw Eppich House II on Instagram and asked if they could use the house as a set for Cameron’s “We Belong” music video. “The crew started filming at 7 a.m. and didn’t leave until 3 a.m. the next day,” Feldman says. The house has also served as a music video set for Sarah McLachlan.

For years, the house was the scene of Thanksgiving dinners, pool parties and Easter egg hunts. Feldman and his younger sister, Sonia, would place eggs all over the property, stuffing them under blackberry leaves or rocks near a pond, and let their children search for them. “It’s so funny because they would never find them. We had them walk around the property to find them,” Feldman says.

Hugo and Brigitte lived in the house until 2018. After moving in, between 2021 and 2023, the family upgraded the plumbing and landscaping, replaced all the carpeting and light fixtures, and repainted all the walls in brighter colors, among other efforts to modernize it. home.

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“We’ve tried to figure out how we can conserve it, but it’s not easy,” Feldman says. “It would have been nice to have this in the family because my dad built it. “We’re letting a part of ourselves go, but it’s just part of life,” he says.

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