This is ‘Training Day’, the posthumous series by Bill Paxton

The actor Denzel Washington was awarded in 2002 with a Oscar for his great interpretation of corrupt cop in ‘Training Day’. Chain CBS adapted it into a series starring bill paxtonwho passed away unexpectedly due to postoperative complications.

In ‘Training Day’, Bill Paxton plays a corrupt LAPD detective who is forced to go on patrol with an idealistic rookie cop (played by justin cornwell), which tries to keep its professional ethics intact.

Inspired by the homonymous movie directed by Antoine Fuqua, the plot focuses on the contrast of personalities and methods between the two protagonists, who move in an environment where it is often difficult to recognize the line that separates good and evil. The first season of ‘Training Day’ consists of 13 episodeswhich finished shooting last December.

The television version is backed by the prestige of its production team, made up of Jerry Bruckheimer (‘CSI’, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’…), Jonathan Littman (‘CSI’) and Antoine Fuqua himself (‘Training Day’, ‘Shooter’). For this adaptation they have opted to present other characters that do not appear in the film and give a different tone to that of the original film, so that, in addition to action, there is also a certain touch of black mood.

But this renewed approach does not seem to have been to the liking of specialized critics, who consider that the series does not manage to live up to the original film. Regarding the audience, ‘Training Day’ premiered in the US with an average of 4.7 million viewers, although the third episode I had already gone down to 3.8 million.

A prestigious secondary

Bill Paxton was considered one of the great secondaries of American cinema. His specialty, tough guy roles that he knew how to give a human touch. Among his more than 40 films, titles such as ‘Twister’, ‘Apollo 13’ and ‘Aliens’.

Paxton was born in Fort Worth (Texas) and moved to Los Angeles at the age of 18, where he worked at Roger Corman’s production company New World Pictures. Roger Corman. Her first film was ‘Crazy Mama’ (1975), a Corman production directed by Jonathan Demme.

In New York he studied acting under the supervision of Stella Adler and achieved small roles, such as ‘Stripes‘ (1981), which paved the way for him in the industry until his fruitful artistic relationship began with james cameron, james cameronwho first hired him for a small role in ‘Terminators’ (1984).

The friendship between the two began when Paxton was part of the rock band Martini Ranch in the early 1980s. Cameron directed one of their music videos, for the song ‘Reach’. Paxton went on to become a frequent face of action cinema in the 1980s and 1990s, with films like ‘Commando’, ‘Predator 2’ and ‘Tombstone’.

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In his career, his appearances in films such as ‘vertical limit’ and the saga ‘Spy Kids’, together with the Spanish Antonio Banderasalthough in recent years he was more popular for his work in the television series ‘Big Love‘ and in the miniseries ‘Hatfields & McCoys’, where he shared the leading role with Kevin Costner.

In addition to ‘Training Day’, Paxton left pending premiere ‘The Circle’a film in which he plays the father of Emma Watson.

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