This is the viral house of Santa Claus in Badalona

Not even to get on the Dragon Khan have you seen so much tail. “Do you have the letter for Santa Claus at hand?” A father asks his daughter who, wrapped in jackets, scarves and gloves, have been waiting for almost an hour in the winter cold. Above their heads, a ‘Merry Christmas’ sign tells them that they have reached the latest viral hit of the holidays, such a Christmas attraction that it would even outshine the light show of Abel knight, the mayor of Vigo.

As soon as they walk through the red door of the number 9 of the Montjuïc street, in Badalona, are transported to Lapland. To his left, a family of Nadal’s uncles accompanied by a Santa Claus collecting more wish lists than Jeff Bezos. On the right, a Christmas carol concert with a Mickey Mouse dancing to the rhythm of the guitar. On the facade of the house, projected Christmas imagery. And, hanging from the trees, so many lights and stars that only the blessing of Archbishop Omella is missing to confuse it with the Sagrada Família. And all without a great company behind: only with the impetus of the neighbors and their acquaintances, who have raised in record time a christmas village.

The effort has not gone unnoticed and, after announcing it on the networks, the initiative has become a ‘hit’. If even one of the first videos they shared has already exceeded 150,000 views. “It hit me when I saw that it had become so viral. The first thing I asked myself was & mldr; Should I ask for a municipal permit? ”Says Cristian, the owner of the house that is the epicenter of the attraction. Only the first day of opening, this Wednesday, more than 500 people have already visited them. “Yes, a family has even come from Tarragona!”, He adds. Do not be surprised that the emeritus king has decided to return so as not to be left out.

The idea came after the decaffeinated Christmas that the covid provided last year, an odyssey full of restrictions that made it difficult to absorb the holiday spirit. As Cristian and his family had always liked these dates and, above all, to decorate their house in a big way, with lights and the typical ‘props’ of American urbanizations, they decided to make their own santa claus village.

The final result, they describe as a «puzzle» of neighborhood help: «For Halloween we had already decorated the street and the house», and as they saw that most of the neighbors were encouraged to participate, they decided to involve them all in their great project Christmas. For example, him carol concert It stars a neighbor, whose voice was discovered during the pandemic, when she was in charge of invigorating the eight o’clock concerts. “We loved it, and every time a song finished we all shouted ‘another, another'”, recalls Cristian .

Beard model

The Santa Claus who collects the letters is one more neighbor. More authentic impossible: the long white beard is his, totally natural. “We did not want the typical costume with a plastic false beard,” say the organizers. And it so happened that there lived a model with beards (yes, they exist), who volunteered to embody Saint Nicholas. If even the Mickey and Minnie Mouse who walk between the ‘flashes’ with the ease of Dulceida are the children of the neighbors.

This is the first time they have organized it, but seeing the success, they are clear that they are going to repeat. Although, yes, they need help from the city council. “Nobody contacted us, and everything comes out of our pocket,” lament several neighbors. The candies? Bought by them. The decorations? Handmade. The budget spent in total? They don’t want to say it, “but it has been a significant investment,” they conclude.

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The next open house will be on the 19th, from 6 to 8 p.m.. Of course, the entrance is free. Of course, given the success of the previous call, equip yourself with winter clothes, queues are expected.

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