This is the program of activities to celebrate the Chinese New Year 2022 in Barcelona

  • Throughout the day of celebration we can enjoy performances, a fair and many activities related to this culture

Chinese New Year with Barcelona‘four’The Year of the Tiger‘which consists of a feast day to be celebrated in the Arc de Triomphe (Barcelona) which strives to get as close as possible to all the Chinese New Year celebrations. This Saturday January 29, from 10:00 to 20:00., various events will be held at Passeig Lluís Companys / Arc de Triomf and activities related to Chinese culture will continue until 15 February.

The New Year or the Spring Festival (春节 chūnjié), is the most important holiday Of all the traditional festivals that exist in China, it is always concentrated in the period between 21 January and 20 February, and this year we will have it again in Barcelona.

Throughout the day of celebration we can enjoy show, justify and many activities, in sy ProgramIn addition, all the activities held on January 29 are now available. Some of these include traditional and modern Chinese dances, performances by Tai Chi and martial artists, concerts by some Kungu opera artists (an ancient form of opera in China), batucada and Chinese drum performances, and more.

There will also be a Gastronomic and cultural fair in which you can try different Chinese dishes, among others, sesame balls, ‘bubble tea’, Colocasia cakes … And you can already consult some Parallel activities which will take place during these two weeks, such as the conference “Les claus del teatre traditonal xinès”, the touring concert of Barcelona Coral Asia in Fort Pienc, the screening of the film Bipolar (2021) by Queena Li or a free class introduction below more Chinese.

To end the day, the traditional dragon dance, ubiquitous in the great celebrations of this culture.

The Year of the Tiger

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This year the festival is aimed at Tiger, the third beast of the Chinese horoscope and recognized by this culture as the king of all animals, symbolize force, exorcism of evils Y Courage. In China, the tiger was considered a totem that has the power to ward off any evil and prevent disasters, for this reason many Chinese families dress their children with hats or shoes with the image of a tiger, to help them protect and bring strength to them.

During 2022 and part of 2023, Chinese culture will be the hospice of water animal, which represents a strong self-esteem and a great learning ability.

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