This is the Miura 1: the first Spanish space rocket takes off in 2022

The Elche company PLD Space has presented this Friday in Madrid the first spanish space rocket, the Miura 1, which is scheduled to launch next year. It is a suborbital test vehicle of the company, which will be followed by the launch of the Miura 5 orbital rocket in a first commercial mission scheduled in 2024.

The presentation of the rocket manufactured by PLD Space took place on the esplanade of the National Museum of Natural Sciences in Madrid, in an event attended by numerous personalities such as Miguel Ángel Ballesteros, director of the DSN; José María Salom, director of INTA; José Ramón Sala, Head of R&D Planning of the Ministry of Defense; Jorge López, Head of Strategic Initiatives associated with CDTI’s European Funds; Jorge Alarte, general director of Institutional Representation of the Generalitat Valenciana; Empar Martínez, general director of Industry of the Generalitat itself; Rebeca Torró, regional secretary for Sustainable Economy; the mayor of Elche; Carlos González Serna; and the former Minister of Science and astronaut, Pedro Duque.

The presentation was given by Ezequiel Sánchez, Raúl Torres and Raúl Verdú, company managers, who explained that the Miura 1 is the only Spanish rocket created for the aerospace transportation. A pioneering project in Europe that is called to place Spain among the small number of countries, specifically 14, with the capacity to launch into space small satellites, essential for key sectors such as telecommunications, defense and scientific research.

The launch of this first suborbital test rocket will take place next year, while working on the manufacture of the Miura 5, a vehicle already in this case orbital, whose first trade mission is scheduled for 2024.

The PLD Space project, which has the endorsement of numerous national and international institutions in the aerospace sector, as well as the support of different public administrations, has already achieved 36 million investment for the development of its later stages. In addition, the company has six contracts in place with space agencies around the world, placing it in a privileged position to become an international benchmark in space transportation to put small satellites into orbit.

PLD Space is a pioneering Spanish company in the aerospace sector and a benchmark in Europe in the development of reusable rockets, with a recognized prestige in the sector and a solid project that materializes in its launch vehicles: the Miura 1 suborbital and the Miura 5 orbital Launchers that will place Spain among the few countries with the capacity to successfully send small satellites into space.

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With a decade of history, PLD Space plans to launch its Miura 1 prototype in the second half of 2022 and tackle its first real space transport mission with Mira 5 in 2024. The firm, based in Elche and with technical facilities in Teruel, Huelva and French Guiana, has already achieved more than 36 million investment to promote its project of new space.

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