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This Thursday, January 25, the stadium Wanda Metropolitano will open its doors to the public but, contrary to those expected by many athletic fans, it will not be to enjoy a game of the Cholo Simeone. A much more decisive final will be played: the first mass vaccination campaign against Covid-19 start-up in large public spaces in Spain.

Madrid It will thus begin its immunization campaign against the coronavirus with the aim of vaccinating 17,000 people daily. A very high figure that will be effective thanks to three axes: the hospital Isabel Zendal (in which 3,500 people a day are expected to be vaccinated), health centers (10,000) and the state Wanda Metropolitano (another 3,500).

As reported by the Madrid’s community At the meeting, the SERMAS Central Occupational Health Committee begins to vaccinate new priority groups, differentiating them by their age and the dose they should receive.

These new citizens who will be vaccinated against Covid-19, and who have previously been agreed with the Ministry of Health, They are group 3 (other health and social health personnel), 4 (large dependents), 5 (over 80 years of age) and 6 (active groups with an essential function for society).

Thus, the vaccination of large dependents with doses of Pfizer and Moderna (the only ones so far recommended for over 55 years old) will begin this Thursday in the health centers.

The appointments are being made by the nurses themselves over the phone. The objective of Health is that, with these calls, the professionals close the daily number of doses that they will need. Thus, they avoid a surplus.

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Pfizer and Moderna

In this regard, professional unions such as SATSE Madrid have informed EL ESPAÑOL that there is some concern among nurses. The problem is that Public Health has given the direction to vaccinate only with AstraZeneca at homes and only dependents under 55 can be vaccinated at home.

“This poses a problem for those people, large dependents, who have over 55 years and they cannot travel to their health center, “they explained.

The vaccination shift in the health centers will be in the morning and afternoon, but not on weekends. Madrid estimates a distribution of 50,000 weekly doses and, in the following weeks, expand the figure to 80,000.

The most striking vaccination is the one that will begin in the Wanda Metropolitano stadium this same Thursday and for which it is intended to vaccinate 3,500 people daily. It is the first mass vaccination ‘American style’ that has been launched in Spain using a large non-sanitary space.

It will be the team of AMOUNT 112 the one who will carry out the summons from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. In addition, and as a differential point, this space will also have the possibility of testing for antigens.

Wanda e Ifema

With regard to who will be vaccinated there, it will begin with the State Security, Emergencies and Firefighters. Subsequently, it will continue with the rest of group 6B. According to the sources consulted by EL ESPAÑOL, the opening of this center is expected to last for three more weeks.

The last leg in this massive vaccination will be the Zendal. The pandemic hospital has a clear goal: vaccinate non-sanitary risk personnel.

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AENA workers, Public Health inspectors, forensic doctors, Health Sciences students, caregivers of juvenile offenders and Foreign Health have already been summoned and are being vaccinated. The goal is to 3,500 daily doses, as in the Wanda Metropolitano.

Regarding the types of vaccine, as this newspaper has learned, the Pfizer and Moderna preparations with large dependents over 55 years old and with people over 80 years old.

Right now, the community has a stock availability of 130,000 doses for more than 300,000 people belonging to these groups.

Purchase of material

It should be remembered that the Pfizer vaccine has had a small modification in its technical data sheet. It stipulates that, if they are used low dead volume needles and syringes, six doses can be drawn instead of five.

Although some nurses have reported that during the past weeks many of their health centers they did not have this type of material, it seems that the problem has already been solved.

In fact, the Community of Madrid has acquired more than five million needles through the emergency procedure in the last twenty days from three contracts.

The first, the January 30th, worth 40,000 euros to buy 402,000 syringe and needle combos; then, February 17, for a quantity of 2,100,000 three-body syringes with volume without dead space and the last one, the February 24th, to acquire 2,380,000 needles. All of them for the vaccination campaign against Covid-19.

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