This is Miriam Saiz, the new ‘top’ that sweeps the catwalks

  • The first time she went on a catwalk was in Paris and exclusively for Givenchy, in March 2021, and the creative director, Matthew Williams, liked it so much that this Madrid-born has become the new face of Givenchy

Miriam Saiz She was never clear about her vocation, so when she finished college and encouraged by her family and friends, she decided to try her luck as a model. A year later, he is the image of Givenchy, he has walked for Dior, Hermés and has fulfilled the dream of doing it at the foot of the Eiffel Tower for Yves Saint Laurent.

“I have never known what I wanted to be. My mother and some friends encouraged me many times to try my luck as a model, but it always happened. Until I saw that it was time to finish my degree and decide what to do with my life & rdquor ;, explains the ‘top’ from Madrid Miriam Saiz to Efe in an interview about his brilliant career.

“I realized that I liked my career, but it was not what I was most passionate about, I had to try to dedicate myself to something else if possible & rdquor ;, explains the young woman.

The path of this profession was then enlightened by the fashion editor David Alarcón, with whom he went to the institute years ago, although in different classes. “I knew that David He was a fashion writer and he knew a lot, I met him and he told me featured agencies & rdquor ;.

Then the model tried her luck at Uno Models, which signed the Madrid woman and thus marked a turning point. “I thought I would do some sporadic work, I was not going with expectations or short-term results. They started moving me out at the beginning of this year, and in March Givenchy called me to meet me & rdquor ;, notes on the firm and its creative, Matthew Williams, captivated by the nineteenth-century beauty of Size, which he has also signed for his campaign image.

She acknowledges that she was not “very fashionable”, but that arriving at Givenchy was an experience and, although she points out that all designers are good, some are intimidating, while others are loved by their teams. “Matthew Williams He is a very good person, he is humble, good and very close. He asks you things, talks to you & mldr; & rdquor ;.

The French ‘maison’ is not the only one that has scored the ‘top’. The Dior cruise parade in Athens during 2021, Hermés, Lacoste and Saint Laurent framed at the foot of the Eiffel Tower join a trajectory that implodes.

“When I started to know about fashion, I wanted to walk for Saint Laurent under the Eiffel Tower, and I have done it just this season & rdquor ;, she says something incredulous.

Among the next challenges, he would like to be able to walk with Prada or Louis Vuitton, and why not, “do a campaign for Saint Laurent & rdquor ;. She also knows that rushing and expectations are not good counselors in the profession, so she is clear that the best advice she has been given coincides with what she would also preach herself.

“It is better not to go with expectations of anything. If you take a good job, you do it and you enjoy it. If you go all the time thinking about what you want to do, you end up getting frustrated, and that creates stress & rdquor; Size, although he clarifies that he still suffers from that anxiety at times. “I’m just starting out, so it’s advice that I can’t quite apply yet & rdquor;, he jokes.

Loneliness also frames the day-to-day life of the modeling profession, crowded with travels and inclement schedules, and although she does not consider establishing her residence outside of Spain for the moment, she does look at that loneliness at times. “I started in a pandemic and there was a curfew, I spent a lot of time alone. Now I know models to go out with when I’m out of Spain, I get along better & rdquor ;.

She acknowledges that what she enjoys the most is the runway, “with other models, a lot of rhythm and a special energy & rdquor ;, and although she says she was not sure that her profile would work, the results speak for themselves. “They tell me that I have Asian and androgynous features, I think they are two physical points that attract attention,” he says.

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Looking to the future, the young woman plans to continue studying, “probably a master’s degree & rdquor ;, although she is clear about the rhythms of fashion. “When it is work season, the day to day is intense, you do not know how long you will be away. So at the moment I can’t do anything else & rdquor ;, he concludes.

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