This is María Forqué (‘Virgin Mary’), the eccentric daughter of Verónica Forqué and muse of OnlyFans

María Forqué -‘Virgen María ‘, by her artistic name- is on everyone’s lips again after visiting his mother, Veronica Forqué, on the set of ‘Masterchef Celebrity 6’. And it is that the creations of the 31-year-old artist give a lot to talk about. His Instagram profile, with almost 150,000 followers, is where he exposes his eccentric art and his provocative ‘performances’.

The artist is the result of the marriage of Verónica Forqué with the film director Manuel Iborra, from whom he separated in 2014 after 34 years of relationship. For what studied fine arts, deciding to continue with the artistic tradition of his family.

Naked and semi-naked

Apart from his music as DJ, his art stands out for its naked and half naked, for their extravagant outfits and makeup and by choreographies of ‘pole dance’. In addition to scenes and images retouched with Photoshop They are a bit ‘creepy’.

As was ‘Blood Bath’, a ‘performance’ in which ‘Virgin Mary’ posed naked and in transparent platform heels inside a bathtub full of fake blood and for which Instagram suspended his account. “I like to create aesthetic things, which attract, but at the same time make them uncomfortable”, he explained in an interview for ‘El Mundo’. Being transgressive and provoking is the main inspiration for Forqué. She has expressed that reality is boring and that for that reason he resorts to “a world of perversion and darkness.”

The artist has recognized that as a teenager had problems with eating. “They created a very strange concept of what it was like to be a woman and have a sexual body and I developed eating problems because I didn’t want to have a breast,” she says. However, being accused of being a “whore” for having a large chest and not covering herself no longer makes her sleepless. ‘Virgin Mary ‘has found a way to express herself through her body.

OnlyFans’ ‘salary’

And not only in social networks. For what also publishes content on the OnlyFans platform. Where he claims to earn up to 5,000 euros per month with his two profiles. In one he publishes part of his art and in the other, its more explicit content and art, since Instagram and other social networks like TikTok do not allow it.

‘Virgen María’ has also done acting work. In 2014, he starred in ‘The Leftovers’, directed by his father Manuel Iborra; and in 2016, ‘Into the Mud’, a horror short by Pablo S. Pastor. What’s more, appears in ‘Eight Catalan surnames’ and ‘A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio’.

Far is that controversial Loewe spot in which other children and nephews of Spanish celebrities came out with her. For that moment the campaign was crossed out as classist and nepotist. ‘Virgin Mary’ declared in this regard that the critics “sweated it out”, since it has always attracted attention and received public disapproval.

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