This is how the reopening of the Mexican border with the US is lived after a 20-month closure by Covid-19

Non-essential crosses from Mexico a USA They resumed this Monday with a lower-than-expected influx, after reopening the US borders closed for almost 20 months by the Covid-19 pandemic, confirmed the AFP.

In the city of Nuevo Laredo,Tamaulipas, where the bulk of Mexican exports travel, from midnight to early morning long lines of vehicles and pedestrians were observed on the border bridges to reach neighboring Laredo, Texas.

The United States, which had allowed only essential crossings, reopened its doors early this Monday at people vaccinated against Covid-19 who are not making essential trips. This forced authorities in Nuevo Laredo to implement a special operation.

But as the hours go by, the fury to cross the Bravo River It subsided and there were few vehicles and people approaching the international bridges.

To cross the United States, in addition to visa and passport, requires proof of vaccination against Covid-19 with immunizers authorized by the FDA and the World Health Organization (WHO).

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