This is how the 2021 Christmas draw of the National Lottery works

The Christmas Lottery Draw that is celebrated this December 22th It is the most important and popular of all the draws that are held by the National Lottery. Although the same mechanics are repeated year after year, there are many people who do not know the procedure that is followed during the days before and after its celebration. [Sigue la emisión en directo del Sorteo de Navidad]

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The 2021 Christmas Lottery draw consists of four phases differentiated: examination of the balls, celebration of the draw, list of prizes and epilogue.

Ball examination

On December 21, one day before the draw, the examination and counting of balls of the numbers and prizes that will be used for the Christmas Lottery Draw.

Celebration of the draw

On December 22, at 8:30 a.m., the presidential table is constituted that authorizes the start of the draw. Once formed, the balls are mechanically transported from the hopper, where they have been previously deposited, to the drum. This operation is carried out with the numbers balls and the Christmas Lottery prize balls. Finally, the drums are closed and when the president indicates, they turn around at the same time.

At that time, the children of San Ildefonso are in charge of singing the numbers and the prizes in turns and pairs. One takes care of drawing the number balls, one by one, while the other does the same with the prize balls. Each time a number and a prize are called, both balls are inserted into the wires of the table arranged for that purpose.

The wires are grouped in a table containing a total of 200 balls of each kind. When a table is completed, it is duly closed in front of the presidential table with the agreement of the president and the controller. The extraordinary draw for the Christmas Lottery concludes when there are no balls left in the prize pool.

Prize list

A team made up of more than 40 people is in charge of preparing the Christmas Giveaway Prize List and of the fortunate populations through a computerized system. After finishing the draw, and after carrying out the pertinent checks, the file of numbers and prizes is sent to the National Mint and Stamp Factory, in charge of printing the official list. This list is edited and distributed on the same afternoon of the 22nd to the points of sale of the Loterías commercial network and to the media so that everyone can check the Christmas Lottery.

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Giveaway epilogue

Finally, the tables of the winning numbers are exhibited for seven days at the State Lottery and Betting headquarters. After this time they are opened and all the balls are counted again and examined in order to have them ready for any other subsequent draw that is held with the same method.

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