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As the travel industry overcomes the recovery and returns to growth, its future requires continued and significant contributions to accessibility and technological advancements. impulse companies is the technology holding company behind several successful Canadian travel brands. With a newly designed office space in Montreal, Momentum Ventures continues to expand and improve its operations while attracting top talent. As a dedicated company, Momentum Ventures values ​​constant progress and thoughtful development in the travel sector, and achieves this by supporting and maintaining its innovative travel brands.

Below is a summary of how Momentum Ventures’ collection of brands continues to transform travel by embracing technology to connect people and places.

flight center

A leading online travel agency (OTA) in North America, flight center Serves millions of Canadians each year by offering flights at the best value on the market. To continue offering travelers exceptional customer service, FlightHub has developed a generative AI platform to monitor and analyze customer interactions via phone and live chat in real-time. The technology identifies customer interactions that most need specialized help from human agents to avoid a negative customer experience. It also produces information on all customer interactions and implements the necessary training and education to improve agent performance.

This innovative work has not gone unnoticed, as FlightHub recently won silver at the Travel Weekly Magellan Awards in Overall Technology Solutions for its partnership with Observe.AI to deliver AI capabilities to improve its customer service operations. It also won gold in the General Giving Back Initiative category for its partnership with and GlobalMedic to support Ukrainian Humanitarian Aid.

By partnering with over 400 airlines traveling to and from the US, makes travel accessible and affordable, allowing more people to visit new places and explore new cultures. To improve your user-friendly and efficient customer experience, has added generative AI to its arsenal. AI has the potential to change the way consumers purchase travel products and services by offering hyper-personalization.

When customers book via OTA and an issue arises, they are often unsure who to call for help. alleviates these customer pain points through its AI-powered products and services. Rapid advances in generative AI will help OTAs create smarter algorithms, which will then be able to make recommendations that better suit customer needs. This improves customer service and after-sales support.

Artificial intelligence tools are essential as travelers increasingly expect immediate solutions to their travel needs. By helping OTAs optimize their operations with technology solutions, increases profitability and customer satisfaction.

green fly

A private jet charter agency, green fly serves the Americas through offices in Montreal, Toronto and New York, with access to more than 7,000 aircraft. Flygreen stands out in private aviation with a unique combination of personalized customer service and genuine care for the environment. Flygreen offers a personalized and curated private air experience, allowing customers to stick to their itineraries and make the most of their schedules.

Beyond individual travel needs, Flygreen’s Jet Charter executives specialize in creating solutions for diverse business groups. Whether it’s arranging trips for family getaways, exclusive excursions for sports teams, or unique hobbies like fishing and golf, the Flygreen team is expert in sourcing aircraft tailored to specific needs and services. With a wide network and a dedication to customer centricity, Flygreen emerges as a trusted partner, ensuring that every flight is a personalized and useful experience for customers with different preferences and requirements.


The latest addition to the Momentum roster, CruiseHub offers an unparalleled cruise booking experience, simplifying and enhancing the journey from sailing to boarding. The company focuses on combining forward-thinking technology with a human touch, creating user-centric experiences. He is committed to advising clients and ensuring they receive the best possible support to book the perfect cruise.

Momentum Ventures combines technology with a commitment to customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility. With its portfolio of successful brands, the company has overcome the challenges of the travel landscape and its vision for the future addresses customer pain points, improves user experiences and champions efficiency.

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