Third link: work on Mgr-Bourget or the 20 this year?

The Legault government could announce, as of next Monday, work to widen the Monseigneur-Bourget road or even Highway 20 in Lévis, in anticipation of the mega-construction site of 3and link.

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This is at least the hypothesis mentioned by the mayor of Lévis, during a virtual press briefing on Monday. This would allow Transport Minister François Bonnardel to respect his promise of a first sod before the end of the current mandate, even if many parameters of the project – estimated for the moment between $6 billion and $10 billion – are unknown. .

Mayor Gilles Lehouillier said he was not in the secret of the gods and had no privileged information about the specific game plan of the Minister of Transport. However, he confirmed the scheduled date, in a week, for the unveiling of the main MTQ road projects in Chaudière-Appalaches.

“We are very eager, like you, to find out what it is (…) Will this preliminary work consist of widening Highway 20? I can’t give you more information at this point. Technically, we haven’t heard of the ministry’s plans. We, there is no one who called us,” he said.

Since the City of Lévis was not consulted, it is therefore necessary to immediately eliminate any intervention on the arteries of the municipal network, deduces Mr. Lehouillier. There would therefore only be two possibilities left in the sector where the Québec-Lévis tunnel should lead to the South Shore, namely the Monseigneur-Bourget exit.

“Are they going to start doing work on Monseigneur-Bourget? It wouldn’t be impossible. You should know that this road, which exits at Lauzon, is under provincial jurisdiction up to chemin des Forts, practically up to Guillaume-Couture. It’s a simple route,” he recalled, adding that the Cégep de Lévis is in the targeted area.

“If the government makes interventions, there is no doubt that these interventions will be on provincial roads: either Highway 20 or Monseigneur-Bourget. It’s not bad the sections where there could be work announced, ”added Mr. Lehouillier, impatient to see this project move forward.

“The government should present by the end of the parliamentary session, as it has undertaken to do, its version revised at the level of the project and the costs. We can’t wait to see it happen and so much the better if there is preliminary work that begins.

For his part, the mayor of Quebec Bruno Marchand said Monday that he had not recently discussed the third link project with Prime Minister François Legault.

Asked about the accident which considerably slowed traffic on the Pierre-Laporte bridge last Friday, the mayor of Quebec reiterated this: “Whether there is a tunnel (between Quebec and Lévis) or not, it will not be not before five-ten-fifteen years. So, we necessarily have to deal with these issues (traffic) excluding the issue of the tunnel. We have years of construction if the government goes ahead.

The mayor of Lévis also hopes that the Minister of Transport will announce other road works expected on his territory, next Monday.

In his “grocery list” recently sent to the Minister of Finance, Mr. Lehouillier had once again called for the widening of Highway 20, between the head of the bridges and Route du Président-Kennedy, as well as the transformation of Route 116 into an urban boulevard.

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