Third and infuriating ‘show’ of the Government, by Marçal Sintes

Here we go again. They have done it again. After the reputed shows ‘The three-legged table’ and ‘The waning airport’, the government of the Catalans has just presented its latest production: ‘The indigestible budget’. It is said that there is no two without three. This has been the case, and in the record time of six months. And as everyone knows, after three comes four, five, the …

Those who, like myself –I confess and accuse myself– We believed that after Quim Torra and with a new government things were going to change for the better – which was not asking for much, really – we are being left as naive without justification or mitigating some. Right now, our chances of ending up being right are so great like getting a triple six by rolling the dice, maybe less.

I am referring first of all to the Government and not to the CUP. With the CUP it is best not to have it when it comes to important things, as the budgets with more millions in history undoubtedly are. This is the first lesson that, one fucking time and forever They should learn from the first to the last of the members of ERC and Junts per Catalunya. Whoever insists on keeping the CUP in the equation, on preserving it in velvet as if it were a treasure, either does not find out anything at all or is trying to deceive us.

As to the famous majority of 52% (The proportion of votes that the pro-independence options received in the last Catalan elections, PDECat included), is not that it has evaporated, as some cack out with fatuousness. What happens is that one of the groups that came out of those votes, simply, acts moved by the worst ideologism and without feeling responsible for their actions, although, as in this case, they undermine all citizens, especially those who are in a more fragile position. And everything –tachín, tachán– in the name of a flawless leftism, purer than the water of Mount Fuji.

We’ll see. Let’s get serious for a bit. Pere Aragonès did what he had to do once in the middle of last week the CUP slammed the door in his face. The anti-capitalists were so eager to say ‘no’ that they did not even hide it, and they stood up to the ‘president’ without waiting to exhaust the negotiations. Aragonès then had two options before him, since both the PSC and the ‘comuns’ had offered themselves. And he opted for the lesser evil. In other words, he went for the votes that were going to be less expensive. In other words, the political calculation of a lifetime.

In JxCat many would have preferred that Aragonès will throw himself blindly into the arms of the socialists. Precisely because the pact with them was, of the two options, the worst for ERC. On the one hand, the PSC is a direct electoral competitor of the Republicans. On the other, accepting their help, ERC liquidated its negotiation capacity before Pedro Sánchez.

As is known, the ‘comuns’ received a concession pack similar to the one that the CUP had rejected angrily. Of course: in exchange for ERC sticking with Mrs. Colau’s budgets. Republican Ernest Maragall fit in like a true professional -Applause, because they are scarce- and swallowed the toad with elegant annoyance.

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Along with Aragonese, struggled to shape the pact with the ‘comuns’ Jaume Giró, ‘Minister’ of Economy with the Junts jacket. The latter knew, as everyone should know, of the importance of carrying out budgets. They are simply a millionaire at a time when a lot of people are having a hard time. You couldn’t give them up.

But the worst was missing. To round out the infuriating ‘show’ Joan Canadell and Elsa Artadi appeared under the spotlight, that brought the spirits of the Republicans to incandescence, that it is not strange that they dream of throwing Junts overboard in an ocean teeming with sharks. The first, with a false and disloyal harangue. The second, with another harangue not so lame but just as disloyal. Both were within a millimeter of calling “traitor & rdquor; to Aragonès, as if the ‘president’ had kicked the CUP in the rear and not the other way around (!). Its catilinaries they promoted Giró almost to statesman status and they portrayed Junts as a divided party and in which, above all, everyone wants to go to his ball.

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