They will review national security strategy

The Chamber of Senators will review the national public security strategy with the branch’s cabinet in the coming days, Ricardo Monreal Ávila announced.

“What we want is to contribute with the Mexican State in this fight that is taking place against organized crime. What we want is for there to be no truce against this perverse and very ominous environment”, said the president of the Political Coordination Board (JCP) of the upper house and coordinator of the parliamentary group of the Morena party in reference to the violence unleashed in the country. .

“I do believe, I am one of those who thinks that this is a subject that we must attend to, the issue of insecurity, and that the latest events that have occurred in various states of the country, such as Michoacán or my own land , Zacatecas, or Colima or Tamaulipas or recently (in) Sonora, there are at least a dozen states where there have been tragic events, but they themselves (the criminals) spread them through networks, the They film with drones.

“It is like a well-designed and well-orchestrated strategy by organized crime, it is, as the president once said, it seems to be a provocation against the Mexican state. And for that, I believe that we should talk, talk and reinforce”.

Monreal Ávila said that the acts of violence seem to be “aimed at generating terror in the population… This last thing that happened in Michoacán, they have been raising and scaling the mobile and the way in which they act and, therefore, we are not going to take your finger off the line.”

Finally, he commented that he had already established contact with part of the members of the public security cabinet, among others Rosa Icela Rodríguez, Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection, and with Adán Augusto López, Secretary of the Interior, to agree on the date of the meeting with the senators. which will be held in private.

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