Among the various dissidents that have arisen in the Oil Workers Union of the Mexican Republic (STPRM), it’s found Ruben Choreo Morales, who like Mario Rubicel Ross Y Enrique del Ángel Bauza, claim to have the preference of the workers and demand that the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare deliver the note taking, since no personal, free, secret and direct vote is required, since the process of their election was in 2019, before the labor reform.

Hence, at a press conference Choreño Morales stated that he was granted an amparo because he had not been handed over the note taking, “this because the Ministry of Labor denied the request and publicly announced the holding of new elections,” for which the amparo 1133/2019-V was promoted ”.

Sources consulted on the matter confirmed that it will not be until this Wednesday, December 15, when the Collegiate Court on Labor Matters meets to determine whether or not to grant the Amparo, that in case it is denied, Choreño Morales would have to reinstate the process of voting, and in the event that the Federal Center for Labor Conciliation and Registration, which has already entered into office, is granted, you must review your application again.

It should be noted that on January 23, 2019: Rubén Choreño stated that he had been elected in a convention on January 17, 2019; For March 12, 2019, Mario Rubicel Ross refers was elected at a convention on December 16, 2018; While on August 7, 2019, Enrique del Ángel Bauza affirmed that he was elected at a convention held on June 23, 2019.

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Without mentioning the previous interested parties in the General Secretariat, the lawyer Jorge Peñúñuri, said that the summons of the Secretary of Labor to carry out the election process via electronic vote, “is flawed from origin, it is not valid because they were not respected the internal statutes of the union, in addition to the fact that the law cannot be retroactive ”.

He added that the argument of the STPS to deny the taking of note to Rubén Choreño, “is that the National Executive Committee is re-elected, in accordance with the reform of the Federal Labor Law of May 2019, but legally that is not possible. because there is already an elected committee ”.

They disqualified the call and the results of the 36 sectional elections that “are not valid either, because they were not called by the Acting General Secretary, as established by the Union’s statutes.”

It should be noted that Rubén Choreño Morales reported that he is 42 years old as a Pemex worker, and until 2019 he served as Legal Director of the STPRM.

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