They reach agreements to rehabilitate the Vallejo industrial zone

In order to rehabilitate the Vallejo industrial zone, the Azcapotzalco mayor’s office with the support of the Vallejo Trust and the business sector based in the demarcation will work on aspects of patching and marking, informed the mayor Margarita Saldaña Hernández.

Within the framework of the Friday of Economic Reactivation in Azcapotzalco, he explained that an alliance was agreed with the private sector, whose goal is to improve circulation in the streets of the Vallejo industrial zone for a greater promotion of the Vallejo-i project.

The mayor pointed out that it is not only seeking to improve logistics processes, but also to benefit the population of the mayor’s office by reducing road traffic.

Based on this agreement, the amount of investment to improve the avenues will be estimated, since the mayor’s office does not have a sufficient budget to pave all the streets in the industrial zone of Vallejo.

“The streets are already in very poor condition, however, with the Vallejo Trust and donations from the business sector, a minor and major patching program can be promoted to improve circulation through these roads,” he considered.

The general director of Development Planning and Economic Promotion, Jorge Palacios, specified that this work alliance will impact about 45,000 people, in addition to the floating population.

Among the companies and business associations that participate in this alliance are Grupo Lala, Coparmex, La Ideal, Grupo Pepsico, Tapón Corona and Grupo Bimbo.

Margarita Saldaña pointed out how local authorities are already replacing lights. “What we have done is give it maintenance, change lights, reuse circuits, in short, those things. It is practically what we are installing there in the industrial zone and there we also had an agreement with members of the Vallejo Civil Association and with Condumex to provide the cable, because many of the areas where there is no light is because the cable has been stolen” .

The mayor indicated that increasing the luminaire also improves security in the Vallejo area.

According to information from the mayor’s office, until January of this year, 254 stolen lights had been reported in the Vallejo industrial zone, but there are also entire streets where the wiring has been stolen.

Likewise, 944 luminaires have been installed to improve lighting, some of which are recycled (all the material such as casings, photocells, ballasts and spotlights are new materials that guarantee a useful life of between 15,000 and 20,000 hours).

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