In 2020, the budget assigned to the Legislatures of the 32 states increased compared to the previous year, although their productivity decreased.

Last year, local congresses approved 1,568 new laws and 5,750 decrees to reform different laws, figures that represent a decrease of 46.7% (2,940 laws) and 17.4% (6,963 decrees), respectively, compared to 2019, reveals the Census National of State Legislative Powers 2021 raised by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi).

According to the results, throughout 2020 the state Congresses exercised a budget of 14,826 million 253,897 pesos. “This figure represented an increase of 6.3%, compared to the budget exercised in 2019 (13,951 million pesos). Of the total budget, 12.7% was concentrated in Mexico City (1,885.4 million pesos) ”, the document cites.

“During 2020, the legislators exercised a total of 4,227 million 121,139 pesos for diet. With respect to 2019, it was reported that said budget increased 3.4% in 2020. The Sonora Congress concentrated 15.3% of the total national budget exercised by legislators (647.3 million pesos).

“According to the spending of the budget exercised by the legislators, 30.7% corresponded to remuneration or diet (1,296.2 million pesos), which in contrast to 2019 (1,220.5 million pesos), increased 6.2%”, he says.

The census, taken between June 14 and September 29, details that in 2020 in the state congresses 67 periods of ordinary and 84 extraordinary sessions were held, and 58 periods of recess. Compared to 2019, ordinary sessions decreased 8.2% (from 73 to 67) and extraordinary sessions 3.4% (from 87 to 84).

In sum, 5,343 people, 1.9% more than the previous year, made up the support staff of local legislators in 2020. Most of the support staff was concentrated in Mexico City (1,154 people), 21.6% of the total.

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