They present request for political trial against Sheinbaum

Faced with possible acts of negligence and obstruction of justice, PAN legislators filed a lawsuit for impeachment before the Chamber of Deputies against the head of government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, for the collapse of an elevated section of Line 12 of the Metro, which caused the death of 26 people and a hundred injured on May 3, 2021.

After submitting the impeachment request to the General Secretariat of the Chamber of Deputies, the PAN vice-coordinator in the Senate, Kenia López, and the federal deputies, Santiago Torreblanca and Guillermo Huerta, explained that said official letter explains the reasons why the The local president incurred in a systematic and serious violation of the fundamental rights of the inhabitants of the country’s capital, for which it is urgent that she be removed from office.

“No person has been sanctioned for more than a year, neither by civil, criminal or administrative means, this omission by the authorities of Mexico City constitutes serious violations of our Constitution and the Federal Law of Responsibilities of Public Servants, The responsibility of Mrs. Claudia Sheinbaum and that of her relatives has been hidden, they carried out acts and omissions to the detriment of the public interest,” López Rabadán asserted.

In this sense, the PAN member argued that in addition to being dismissed, the local president must be disqualified from holding jobs, positions or commissions in the public service.

According to the impeachment document, the alleged negligence of the head of government, among other causes, caused the death of 26 people and left more than 100 injured. The collapse of Line 12 was an accident that could have been prevented and whose result generated, in some cases, acts of impossible repair.

while the head of the local executive has sought by all possible means to obstruct the investigations and seeks to disclaim any responsibility. For her, the only culprits are the absence and deficiency of bolts.

Likewise, it points out that by demanding a rescission of the contract with the company DNV, in charge of the expert opinion of the collapse and hiding data that lead to the clarification of the causes that originated the collapse of Line 12 of the Metro, it only reflects the pettiness and opacity with which handle its administration.

“For the Government Headquarters, the only line of investigation is that the collapse was due to omissions in the construction structure and consequently no act is attributable to its administration, that is, being -supposedly- faults of origin in the design. and construction, it was, according to her, impossible to detect and correct its deficiencies.

“The decision to terminate the contract with the DNV company shows the most authoritarian face of the person who is in charge of the government of Mexico City. Everything seems to indicate that the requirement that the report should contain was to release her and her collaborators from the responsibilities for the incident, ”says the document.

The impeachment request will be sent to the San Lázaro Prior Examination Subcommittee, for the review of the origin requirements, later it could be turned over to the joint commissions of the Interior and Constitutional and Justice Points for analysis, and then be sent to the Instructing Section.

Finally, the Investigative Section will receive the evidence of all those involved in the complaint and thus issue an opinion to be sent to the Plenary of the Chamber of Deputies and then to the Senate, if appropriate.

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