• Chiquis Rivera got drunk and promoted it in some Instagram stories
  • Vodka wreaked havoc on Jenni Rivera’s daughter
  • As if that were not enough, the singer after the ‘Premios Lo Nuestro’ went for some tacos

LA CHACHA is here mijos and mijas with a drawn sword and to judge my little girl Chiquis Rivera for one more contradiction, now that it has to do with her body and her attitude towards life for what she has said lately and well now she had to pay ‘ expensive ‘a kind of’ fine ‘for getting drunk and greedy Jenni Rivera’s daughter.

Last week was the Lo Nuestro Awards and we already know, mijos, that the hot tamale was literally dressed in a tamale, because you can see that it is given to her, wearing a fitted dress, very tight that she took out her little hams from the mijita with a low cut and with her leg outside and a kind of braid.

She in a dream, all in blue, with the attitude of an empowered woman without knowing that later she would pay dearly for the consequences of her actions, because between so much party the mijita began the pre-drinking, that is, she began to pour her drinks before the ceremony with vodka , being that she is tequila like any daughter of Jenni Rivera.

Well, it turns out that the mijita already saw that she was very much in her role of not drinking, of healthy life, of closing her beak so as not to eat too much and that they would not criticize me again for her body and well, it did not last long (as always) that decision.

You can see that she loves to go around showing off and promoting everything she does and well, it was recorded almost the entire way to the Premios Lo Nuestro, before and after and precisely the after-millet was what exposed her to me as a complete ‘fake’ .

“There was no vodka … let me say, there was no tequila, only vodka … oh no hahaha …”, Chiquis Rivera is heard saying in an Instagram story completely drunk and very smiling …

Chiquis Rivera fine (Instagram)

Then the next day, more composed, she said: “I have an update, I no longer ask …, I feel better, my head hurts a little because I don’t drink vodka, I don’t like it, I shouldn’t, I’m a tequila maker, you know that “My head hurts a little and we are here, happy because we are at the Los Angeles airport”, commented the hot tamale.

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But that was not the end of the thing, millets, because contrary to the fact that she was training hard for her body and that the exercise would pay off for her and that they would not criticize me again for her hams, because they will not believe what Jenni Rivera’s daughter did apart from getting drunk … keep reading …


Well, she has a fit and healthy life and how many things so that they do not criticize her like a few weeks ago she appeared in a bikini and they threw her with everything, my Chiquis Rivera broke the first rule of athletes and got us drunk, but go on the way to the airport From Los Angeles, Jenni Rivera’s daughter sees a taco stand, the greasiest you can imagine, and then go ahead and say ‘here we stop’ and she said that:

“And now here some takis, in downtown LA land … handmade tortillas … son of the … this in Miami the truth is not found, I’m sorry but no Way,” Chiquis Rivera commented while recording the lady doing the tortillas and then showed the tacos that were thrown: “Delicious.”

But the comments for Jenni Rivera’s daughter on the Instagram of ‘Univisión Famosos’ did not wait:

“They give fines for excess tacos hahha”, “Old Ridiculous I tell you, she loves being talked about, she wants to be on everyone’s lips. The vulgar is not going to be removed. That he swallows more tacos is totally so ‘thin’ “,” How bad it falls “,” No alcohol “,” Let him continue swallowing, total is going very well “,” The price of not wanting to mature “, people sentenced mercilessly.

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But what fine did he pay so dearly on his return after the drunkenness and his tacos? Well, keep reading to tell them mijos …

Chiquis Rivera fine daughter Jenni Rivera (Instagram)

Chiquis Rivera fine daughter Jenni Rivera (Instagram)

“I’m not asking … and right now I’m going to boxing with my trainer, to burn the tacos and alcohol …”, Chiquis Rivera said in another video with a black sweatshirt and tight leggings to go to train and pay ‘dearly’ for the consequences of his excesses with that ‘fine’ that was put for leaving his regime.

“Paying the fine last night”, she put in her videos training boxing and doing standing lifts, while Chiquis Rivera was sweating and ending by saying: “Alcohol affected me a lot, it affected me a lot”, already visibly tired and even red in the face of so hot he had while training.

If the mijita wants them to stop criticizing her for her body, then at least she should hide from publishing everything she drinks and eats because it is clear that she alone ‘gets on her chest’ so that they destroy her with bad comments, millets, now I don’t even know how to defend her , although because he is so hungry and the habit of drinking and eating it must be difficult to put all that aside.

Chiquis Rivera fine daughter Jenni Rivera (Instagram)

Chiquis Rivera fine daughter Jenni Rivera (Instagram)

From time to time one has to indulge even in drink and food and if that is what my Chiquis Rivera wants, then let him do it but then not get angry also because of how they criticize his body, Jenni Rivera’s daughter must be congruent and still has a long way to go.

Anyway, my friends, here I left you the gossip and the tests as always, you have your opinion, comment, and share and thank you for reading me.

Blessings, the CHACHA wants you, bye bye!

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