They find the body of a 25-year-old woman murdered in an apartment in Elche in the middle of Christmas

The National Police Corps in Elche is investigating a murder committed between Christmas Eve and Christmas in a house in the Los Palmerales neighborhood. The victim is a woman of nationality Paraguayan that presents a bullet impact. At this time, there have been no arrests in connection with this event and the investigators are scrupulously silent. The girl was about 25 years old.

At the moment his identity is unknown. This newspaper has been able to know that he had little time living in Spain and not much living with the man she is looking for and with whom she supposedly had a relationship. Both had no children in common and the victim, for the record, none in Spain.

The removal of the body took place last weekend, in the presence of the judicial commission. The Court of Instruction number 5 of Elche has opened an investigation ex officio and the proceedings have been declared secret by the court. The woman’s body was transferred to the Forensic Anatomical Institute to practice the autopsy, at the moment he is still there waiting for what happened to be known and the family members to claim it.

The agents are at this time trying to locate the partner of this woman, for now without success, which keeps all hypotheses open; among them, that it is a sexist crime. As long as the male is not located, and there is no evidence that he was registered in the VioGén system, it will be impossible to advance in the investigation.

Likewise, the police officers have interviewed the neighbors of the building where the woman lived to try to know what happened. At the moment, there is very little information that allows agents to advance in the investigation.

This newspaper has confirmed that the death occurred by a shot at very close range, inside the house. Everything indicates that it could be a weapon of illegal possession. The circumstances in which the Police Station learned of these events and proceeded its agents to go to the homes are unknown.

Some sources suggest that it would be a dysfunctional family of the neighborhood and that the crime has been known through a call. The Alicante Judicial Police brigade has taken over the investigations.

The Los Palmerales neighborhood, where the crime has occurred, is a place of preferential attention by the City Council of Elche and the Generalitat Valenciana because it is a very humble area, where there are many healthcare needs. Just a week ago, the mayor and the Minister of Housing came to him to see how the demolition of two stairs on Llimoner street, where squatters lived, and the construction of a new housing block that will be located next to the City of Justice was announced.


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This is the second murder registered this month in the province. Days before Christmas, on December 18, a man surrendered to the Torrevieja Civil Guard and confessed to the murder of his partner, a 39-year-old from Oriolana. In October, also in Torrevieja, a woman was dismembered by her partner. Some parts of your body, like head, they were not found.

So far this year, there have been six macho murders in the Valencian Community, half of them in the province of Alicante. In the absence of confirmation by the State Security Forces and Bodies, this could be the seventh so far this year, the fourth in the province of Alicante.

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