They enable flights for the repatriation of Russians

Cancun, QR. The Aeroflot airline plans this week flights to Cancun (Mexico) and Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) to repatriate citizens who have been trapped by the closure of European airspace to Russian flights.

According to data from the Analytical Service of the Association of Russian Tour Operators, there would be 3,500 to 4,000 Russian tourists in Mexico, in addition to others in the Caribbean.

And according to the airline, the round trip Moscow-Cancun flight will operate on March 2 and 5, and the Moscow-Punta Cana flight on March 3.

“Flights to Moscow can be used by citizens of the Russian Federation who are abroad, with round-trip tickets and who have already made the section from Moscow,” he said in a statement.

Last Monday, Darío Flota Ocampo, director of the Quintana Roo Tourism Promotion Council, confirmed the suspension of flights by the Russian airlines Azur and Norwind, while last Tuesday Aeroflot, the other Russian airline with flights to Cancun, reported that it would suspend its connection with Mexico due to the limitations of the air spaces.

The Embassy of Mexico in Russia reported through social networks that “Aeroflot has enabled a flight to Cancun for next Saturday, March 5, departing from Moscow at 08:20 a.m.”; He has not yet specified how many Mexicans are in Russia or if the rescue flight will be the only one or if more will be required.

Authorities in Quintana Roo have not specified exactly how many Russians or Ukrainians are in the state, although it is known that the largest volume of travelers of both nationalities enters through Cancun.

In 2021, Cancun received 60,037 Russians, as well as 19,540 Ukrainians, that is, just under 80,000 travelers from the current conflict zone; This is the largest volume of both nationalities that are captured at the national level, since the Mexico City airport captured 13,509 Russians and 7,351 Ukrainians, that is, Cancun captured almost three times more.

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