They don’t know they’re dead, by Jordi Nieva-Fenoll

There are immortal scenes in film history. The years go by and that scene comes back again and again to the memory in conversations, or simply remembered alone. Sometimes they are incredibly evocative. This is what happens with one of the climactic scenes of ‘The sixth sense’. The film has many more shocking moments, but in the one I mean, the boy protagonist –Haley Joel Osment– confesses “his secret & rdquor; to Bruce Willis. Apart from the phrase that everyone remembers, the actor adds a few words that explain so many things: “They only see what they want to see; they don’t know they’re dead & rdquor ;.

That phrase describes the current human being very well in our societies flooded by networks and media. There was a very long time when people cheated relatively little. They resorted to various beliefs, myths and superstitions to endure adversity –Particularly death–, but they knew what their survival depended on, and it was practically the only thing that occupied them. They were not aware of politics and were ignorant of most of what was happening in their territories. They knew the present in broad strokes, but They only gave importance to it in what affected their day to day. Others who lived in cities tried to be more informed by books, confidences of power or gossip, but they did not know much more. The important thing was the most local. The rest was someone else’s business. The vast majority could not even read.

Now most people are literate and have access to a lot of information, which should confer a greater sense of realism beyond mere survival. But nevertheless, that old tendency to approach myths, to the unreal, continues to exist with such power that the electoral advisers of politicians recommend encouraging it. The myth of belonging to a country, a political idea or an ideal of society they persuade the vast majority of people, who truly believes that when they vote for their politicians, they will make those ideals a reality, although the vast majority of the time no politician explains the basics: how they are going to achieve those goals. As choice after choice, logically, these idealized goals are not met, a part of the voting collective is moving away from pragmatism and democracy in search of “purity & rdquor; to finally achieve the ideal, which favors extremist political options who only seek to reach power to perpetuate themselves without alternation. And not a few citizens, fed up with the lies of those politicians who promised so much, support these extreme options. It has happened before and unfortunately it can happen again, with very well known always disastrous results.

The problem is that those promised goals are often unattainable, also for extreme matches. Or they would imply a tremendous cost in economic and social terms that none of those pure and committed voters can imagine. They think that goal is some kind of paradise, from the promised land from which milk and honey will always flow. The recourse to myth by the leaders is certainly old … But its current intensity is surprising, knowing everything we know today. Scientific evolution should not have been in vain. And the awareness of what democracy implies should already be consolidated, especially in countries that experienced relatively recent dictatorships.

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But it’s not like that. Many see only what they want to see, what favors that politicians continue lying. If one day the voters woke up, it would be much more difficult for politicians to lie, and above all it would prevent many of them from using the exercise of power only to distribute charges and public contracting among their friends and the like as they continue to whistle the intoxicating tune they want to hear to their faithful. The funny thing, moreover, is that the vast majority of such fervent faithful do not receive a penny of that distribution of contracts and positions & mldr;

Too many citizens favor with their mythomania let the elections be won by extremists with an increasingly grotesque image. As in science, the only solution is the renunciation of myth and the approach to reality.

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