They detect deceased among Young People Building the Future… again

“Youth Building the Future operates in good faith, with rules, supervision and controls that allow the identification of the lack of training or any type of irregularity to apply the pertinent sanctions”Luisa María Alcalde, Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare.

The Superior Audit Office of the Federation (ASF) once again put the operation of Youth Building the Future (JCF), the flagship program of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS), and now found irregularities equivalent to 28.1 million pesos.

Although it is true that the amount observed within the 2020 Public Account is minimal when compared to the budget of 24,628 million pesos used for this purpose in the year reviewed, the persistent flaws in supervision are still striking, since they have been pointed out repeatedly, both by the ASF and by various civil associations.

Youth Building the Future is a program that aims to link people between 18 and 29 years old who do not study or work with labor centers for their training, in order to facilitate their employability in the future. In exchange, he gives them a scholarship equivalent to a minimum salary, which in the period reviewed by the ASF was 3,748 pesos per month.

A year ago the ASF had already pointed out several of the newly detected problems. These are some of the persistent irregularities detected in the latest installment of the Public Account:

  • Supports were given to 38 people registered as beneficiaries who died between 2019 and 2020. The probable damage of this is equivalent to 351,720 pesos.
  • IMSS medical insurance benefited from 3 to 12 months to 17,283 people who were not linked to a work center registered in the program. The impact of this is equal to 3.2 million pesos.
  • A scholarship was given to 1,315 people who were already receiving support from the SEP for being enrolled in a higher education program, so they did not meet the requirements to belong to JCF. The possible damage of this action is equal to 19.6 million pesos.
  • Payments were granted to 41 people who at the time of the training were registered as public officials in the ISSSTE. The likely damage is 153,400 pesos.
  • Payments were granted to 71 people who were already workers of the companies in which they were trained and who were registered with the IMSS. The impact of this action is 1 million pesos.
  • The scholarship was paid to 252 beneficiaries who were also registered in the work centers as tutors of the scholarship recipients. The possible damage of this action is equal to 2.2 million pesos.
  • The scholarship was paid to 106 people who were registered in the system as representatives of the work centers registered to participate in the program. The impact of this action is equal to 1.5 million pesos.
  • At least 10,848 branches of work centers discharged, the limits of scholarship holders established in the operating rules of the program were not respected, so the STPS was asked to initiate investigations to define the possible administrative sanctions for officials who did not supervise this failure.

All the irregularities mentioned above, points out the ASF, denote deficiencies in control mechanisms in the validation of the requirements, as well as the supervision and updating of the information of the beneficiaries, because it is not verified if they study or work, before granting them the support and prevents verifying the fulfillment of the objective of the program.

To be fair, it cannot be ignored that the STPS has reinforced the monitoring mechanisms of the program after the findings presented in previous years, the ASF itself recognizes some of these actions in its new report, and it is part of the commitments assumed by the Secretary of Labor in the appointment that opens this space, the small detail is that it is a statement from a year ago, precisely in response to the observations of the Audit, but from 2019.

In this way, the big question remains whether these famous controls are enough to stop actions that obscure the general objective of the program. Everything seems to indicate that they have not been.

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