They denounce in court the director of the Villena prison for leaking the video of the prisoner reduced to blows

The association ‘Your abandonment can kill me’ (TAMPM) has decided to file a complaint in a Villena court to the prison director, Feliciano Crelgo, for the leak of the video of the three officials prosecuted for beating a dangerous prisoner who attacked and wounded them on August 16. TAMPM considers that the right to self-image of officials has been violated, since they were also linked to the false assault reported by the former deputy director Security arrested last week by the Civil Guard for simulation of crime.

The complaint that will be processed in a Villena court has been prepared by the Sánchez Navarro Abogados de Alicante law firm and seeks to clarify the alleged relationship of the director of the Villena prison, the main person in charge of the center, with the leak of a video whose custody was in the hands of the dismissed Deputy Director of Security. The leak was also reported by ACAIP-UGT to the Data Protection Agency.

Two of the three officials who appear in the video recorded by the internal security cameras of the prison were suspended from employment and salary by the Inspection of Penitentiary Institutions and the measure conditioned the location of the perpetrators of the attack, hinting at his possible relationship with what has allegedly turned out to be a farce of the complainant. However, Prisons maintains this suspension of employment and salary despite confirming the Civil Guard that the assistant principal invented the assault and sent the threatening messages to herself related to the internal investigation into the actions of the officials with the prisoner.

After the alleged false complaint presented at the beginning of September by the then Deputy Director of Security, a day before declaring in the investigation for the actions of the officials, several media published the video of the workers hitting an inmate with their rubber fenders who attacked them. The three officials were injured and TAMPM assured at the time that it was an “interested” leak, along with the complaint of the false attack. “They sought from the highest levels of the Administration to publicly undermine the image of the group of workers in the country’s prisons, immersed in a fight for the improvement of their working conditions,” they affirm from TAMPM, which states that they also intended to damage the credibility of this new association.

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TAMPM has called for today a concentration in the Villena prison to demand that Penitentiary Institutions stop criminalizing the group and to demand resignations for the false report of the former assistant director and request the reinstatement of the suspended officials of employment.

On the other hand, Workers’ Commissions denounced yesterday the implementation from Penitentiary Institutions of a system of telematic medical consultations for prisoners under the supervision of nursing personnel. The union criticizes Interior for being unable to provide decent healthcare in prisons. Villena, with a single titular doctor for a thousand prisoners, will be one of the centers where this system is experienced, according to CCOO.

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