They demand a ban on the sale of video games by force to minors

Reforms the Secondary Criminal Matters Act to transfer the sale of video games that promote violence and crime to minors and those that contain content about drug use, and the Constitution to transfer the National Guard to the Secretary of National Defense, Rosa Icela Rodríguez Velázquez , to criminalize. asked the parliamentary group of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) party in the Senate.

When attending the plenary session of the Morenista Senatorial Caucus, the Secretary of Security and Civil Protection explained to her fellow believers that there is also a legal vacuum in protecting children and adolescents who are victims of forced recruitment through social networks . , digital platforms and video games to damage their integrity or engage in illegal activities.

“On this issue, you can help us create legal instruments that facilitate the investigations carried out by the cyber police and that this type of behavior is punished and that the harm that these criminals inflict on Mexican children does not go unpunished, because Returning to Peace also requires children and adolescents to use technology in safe environments, ”he encouraged.

And he urged the senatorial caucus of the icing party, coordinated by Ricardo Monreal Ávila, to make the corresponding legal amendments to curb the frozen resources of seized bank accounts from drug smugglers, criminals, kidnappers and extortionists. used to equip policemen all over the world. the country.

“We are talking about billions of pesos that can be spent on equipping our police,” he concluded.

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