They ask that Stay in Mexico not include pregnant women, children and unvaccinated people

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard announced that Mexico asked the United States that the people who remain in the northern border under the “Stay in Mexico” program are not minors, pregnant women and those who are not vaccinated against Covid-19.

“What did Mexico ask for? That there is support from international organizations to assist these people and that people are vaccinated, other than people in a vulnerable situation, for example, pregnant women, minors, etc. ”, he said.

At the presidential conference, Ebrard acknowledged that it is difficult to know the temporality of this program that the United States applies to return migrants to Mexico.

“The United States, due to its own decisions implemented since, more (or) less, March 2020, has been returning people to Mexico with different types of legal grounds, one of them is Title 42, which allows the United States to return, repatriate to people across the border who arrived for health reasons when there is a pandemic, “he explained.

He maintained that they have detected that more or less a day between 1,500 and 2,000 people return, of which a third may be Mexican.

Marcelo Ebrard added that around 10% of this migratory flow are people who wish to request asylum in the neighboring country, and that “


they return them, they return them to Mexico, thanks to Article 42, but with this program they would have the right to be received in the United States on another date when the judge gives them their hearing ”.

In addition, he asserted that, given Mexico’s refusal to repatriate asylum seekers to their countries of origin, the current government’s option was to grant refuge and facilitate their stay in our country.

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