They arrest three people as alleged perpetrators of a robbery with force in an institute in Alicante

Agents of the National Police have arrested the perpetrators of a robbery with force in the Cavanilles Institute (located in the neighborhood of Babel, in Alicante). The detainees had stolen audiovisual material and, later, had sold part of it in a shop for sale in the city. It has been following the trail of the thieves when the investigators have also found a plantation indoor of marijuana located in the municipality dand Sax.

It was in the month of February When the educational center reported the theft: Several surveillance cameras of the institute had recorded three hooded people forcing entry to several FP classrooms. With the robbery, they took computer and audiovisual material, as well as personal belongings that some students kept in lockers that they also forced.

Researchers found the first thread to pull in a well-known second-hand shop for buying and selling from the city, where a man of Pakistani nationality had sold some of the stolen items at IES Cavanilles. The agents thus recovered a large part of the audiovisual material and drew up the line of investigation that would lead them to solve the case. They were able to find another of the thieves, who was prison escape and was claimed by several courts in the country (three of these courts had decreed his admission to prisons) while another of the suspects had fled to Strasbourg, France.

The investigated escaped from prison he had hidden in the town of Sax where it was learned that he had squatted a house located on the outskirts of the town. When the researchers located the house they found that everything was ready to carry out a culture indoor of marijuana. This second investigated was finally arrested in Guardamar del Segura, decreeing his admission to prison for the penalties that he had pending and attributing to him the events that occurred and investigated during the month of October.

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As for the third investigated (who had fled to France), he was arrested on his return, at his usual home in the city of Alicante, thus managing to end the laborious investigation and reversing the evasion of justice that the investigated had articulated.

The operation was carried out by the agents of the Judicial Police Operational Group of the Alicante Center Police Station. As for the authors, three men, two of them of Spanish nationality and a third of Pakistani nationality, between 29 and 31 years of age, all with previous antecedents, were brought before the courts of the same city, except for the author who He was admitted to prison, who continued to be an inmate in the penitentiary after his indictment, while waiting to be tried for the facts.

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