‘They are fighting hard’: Winnipeg teacher collecting donations to send to Ukraine

A teacher in Winnipeg is collecting donations to send over to Ukraine to support the relief efforts as the Russian invasion continues.

“My parents have instilled in me to be a proud Ukrainian-Canadian,” said Holly Hladun, whose great-grandparents came to Canada almost 100 years ago.

She said she was recently in Ukraine, teaching in Kyiv last year.

“I’m very proud to be Ukrainian and to be able to help my heritage and my community, but at the same time, I am devastated for what is going on in Ukraine right now.”

Hladun is now working with the Ukrainian National Foundation to gather supplies to send overseas to Ukraine. She said tinfoil and garbage bags are needed to block windows during air raids. Other items such as blankets, hats and mitts are needed, along with medical supplies.

“You name it, we’ll probably need it over at the Ukrainian National Foundation,” she said.

“They are having a very hard time, but the pride of Ukraine is still there. They are really hopeful and they are fighting hard, and I believe that with our support, we will be able to get through this.”

Donations can be dropped off between 4 pm and 8 pm on March 7, at the Ukrainian National Foundation located at 935 Main Street in Winnipeg.

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