They agree to resume the “Stay in Mexico” program, but have not returned migrants to their countries

The government of USA announced Thursday that it will restart a controversial border-era program Trump that forces asylum seekers to wait in Mexico your immigration hearings, following an order from a federal court.

The Mexican chancellery later confirmed the reactivation of the program Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP, for its acronym in English), known informally as “Stay in Mexico”, and reported that, temporarily, they will not return to their nations of origin to migrants for humanitarian reasons.

The United States explained in a statement that it will take steps to address Mexico’s concerns regarding the program, including the offering vaccines against Covid-19 migrants and exempt more categories of people considered vulnerable.

Last week, Mexico asked Washington for various conditions before restarting the MPP.

Among them, he asked to accelerate development cooperation programs in the south of his territory and in Central America, in order to address the causes of migration, and requested legal advice for migrants so that their processes can be carried out “expeditiously.” .

The American President, The Democrat Joe Biden, ended that policy shortly after he took office in January, but a federal judge ruled that the revocation did not follow proper procedure and ordered its reinstatement in August.

Washington said it had to wait for the Mexican deal before the policy could get back on track.

In a statement, the Mexican Foreign Ministry detailed that, by virtue of the fact that the United States government had accepted its humanitarian concerns, it had accepted the controversial measure, criticized by organizations for the defense of the human rights. However, it was not clear when the program would resume.

Civil groups argue that the MPP puts its recipients at risk because it implies that they are sent to northern states of Mexico with high violence rates and strong presence of human traffickers.

The Biden administration continues to actively seek to end the program, issuing a new revocation memorandum in the hopes that it will resolve the court’s legal doubts.

The move was a cornerstone of the former president’s hardline immigration policies. Donald Trump and it sent tens of thousands of people who entered the US border back into Mexico to wait months – even years – to present their cases in makeshift courtrooms.

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