These Sony Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones are 52% off for Today Only

If you’re in the market for wireless noise-canceling headphones, you’ve got a host of great options to choose from these days. And the good news is that while some are designed for different types of music, most models perform adequately when it comes to their noise-canceling technology.

But that you no We often see it’s a high-end Bluetooth model from a leading brand in the under $ 150 price range in Canada. And until tomorrow, that is the case of Sony WH-CH710N Noise Canceling Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones at Best Buy.

Their name might sound clunky, but their minimal weight and comfortable ear cushions make them one of the most comfortable ANC headphone sets to wear for long periods of working, observing, or avoiding ambient talk.

While its fit is stellar, its standout feature is the built-in AI-based noise cancellation, constantly scanning its surroundings. Like most noise-canceling cans, the Sony’s do a good job of eliminating lingering white noise, but the AI ​​means they also cancel out random volume spikes, an area where most NC headphones fall short.

The Sony WH-CH710N don’t come packed with much frills beyond cans, but for only $ 129.99, you won’t find a better deal on a great pair of headphones.

Buy from Best Buy for $ 129.99 (save $ 120)

Buy from Amazon for $ 129.99 (save $ 120)

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