These European castles may cost less than a house in Montreal

Any real estate listing that includes “plus a small ruin to restore” has our attention.

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TikToker MillennialMoron knows that your house is your castle. He had a viral moment (or 12) comparing expensive Canadian houses to European castles.

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While Montreal real estate prices have yet to reach Vancouver or Toronto levels, let’s see what we can get for our money, from relatively affordable (if you don’t mind putting in a bit of work) to a couple of properties that run a bit longer. of $1 million.

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Tuscany vs.  Lachine: Both are around $280,000.
Tuscany vs. Lachine: Both are around $280,000. Photos: Italian Immobiliare; real estate

Italian Tower + Ruin or “Once Chance” Shoebox?

Any real estate listing that includes “plus a small ruin to restore” has our attention. He tuscan medieval tower and the house is perfect for that homeowner who is both a history buff and a do-it-yourself prodigy. There are terracotta tiles and wooden beams, a garden area and that intriguing ruin down the hill near the river.

Or, for roughly the same cost, there is the only property under $280,000 for sale in the Lachine area. He shoebox residence It does not have stone walls, but it does have melamine cabinets and a small garden area (is that artificial grass?).

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Spain vs.  L'Île-Dorval: Both cost around $330,000.
Spain vs. L’Île-Dorval: Both cost around $330,000. Photos: Galician Rural Houses; real estate

Spanish castle with prehistoric dwellings or L’Île-Dorval country house (probably with shed)?

Sure, you think this Spanish palace is ancient, but it comes with prehistoric Celtic dwellings that you can restore. “All descriptions fall short of this wonderful property,” the listing saysso we’re hesitant to try it, but come on: there are two towers, ridiculously beautiful views, it’s inside a nature reserve, and 45 minutes from a ski resort.

On the other hand, there is a nice little house in L’Île-Dorval that is about the same price and at the same distance from the ski slopes. Fortunately, the island is free of vehicles and we bet there is a shed on the property that you can pretend is a prehistoric Celtic dwelling.


Romania vs.  Griffintown: Both cost around $800,000.
Romania vs. Griffintown: Both cost around $800,000. Photos: Sotheby’s; real estate

Romanian castle or Griffintown skyscraper?

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Oh this one has a story to tell! Josika Castle “is like a modest old man who is waiting for his turn to speak and only then does he have an impact”, Sotheby’s says breathlessly. Miklos Josika was scarred in a duel, wrote Hungarian romance novels, served in the Transylvanian Diet, and supported revolutions and reformists. On the property there is an old crypt dedicated to the memory of Josika’s father, “in the place where the Prince of Transylvania Francisc Rákóczi II enjoyed his last lunch in 1705”.

Josika builders preferred horizontal development, but if you prefer vertical, we suggest this High Rise Apartment in Griffintown. There are no crypts, but there are many revolutions in the center, as well as places to eat lunch.

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$1 million

Ireland vs.  Little Italy: Both cost around $1 million.
Ireland vs. Little Italy: Both cost around $1 million. Photos: Real Estate Alliance; real estate

1636 Irish Castle Triplex or Little Italy Tower Triplex?

Monkstown Castle in County Cork, Ireland was built in 1636 and “still stands strong” which is all you can ask for from an ancient castle. The stonework is amazing. Is that a dungeon? Or just the bottom? It had been empty and “dilapidated” for decades, but has had some work done to it lately (not all of it) and is poised to become a triplex, the list promises.

If you’re considering a triplex but want to stay closer to home, try this little Rosemont property: La Petite-Patrie, which looks like it tries really hard to be a castle tower. While Monkstown has an elevator shaft and views of the sea, this small house in italy It is steps away from the Jean-Talon Market.

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Scotland vs.  Westmount: Both cost around $1 million.
Scotland vs. Westmount: Both cost around $1 million. Photos: Innes & Mackay; real estate

Detached villa in the Scottish Highlands or apartment in Westmount?

We would consider buying Clashmore House based on the name itself, if we had a million dollars. This “lovely family home” once belonged to the Duke of Sutherland, then to Andrew Carnegie. If it is the pedigree does not move youperhaps the stained glass windows, the rose windows, the open fireplace and the 2.4 hectares of gardens will do it.

Unless, of course, you’re excited to be near Westmount Park while living on the ground floor of a duplex with an unfinished basement. this home it also has a fireplace and at least one sort of old-style chandelier.


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