These are the only two numbers awarded more than once with the Christmas Lottery Jackpot

There is no magic formula or method that guarantees win the Christmas Lottery. In the end, as with all draws, it is chance and the goddess fortune who are the only ones in charge of distributing luck.

In any case, the Christmas Lottery has always generated all kinds of superstitions, hobbies or personal tastes at the time of buying a tenth or participation. There are those who choose to look for numbers related to a personal date or related to some social, political or economic event that occurred during the year, others who prefer to resort to the predictions of seers and experts in the paranormal world, and the last who seek luck by playing to endings or numbers that have already been awarded on some occasion.

In any case, odds of winning the first prize in the Christmas Lottery sare quite low if we look at what the experts say. According to scholars in the field, the probability of receiving the Christmas Lottery Jackpot when buying a tenth is 1 in 100,000. A clear example that playing the extraordinary draw of the Christmas Lottery is putting yourself in the hands of chance, is shown by the fact that only two numbers have been awarded on more than one occasion with the Gordo de Navidad.

The numbers that Gordo has repeated

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Throughout the two centuries of history of the Christmas Lottery, only two numbers have been awarded the first prize of the Christmas raffle. One is the number 15,640 that came out in 1956 and 1978, and the other is the 20,297 in the years 1903 and 2006. At the moment, there is no other number that has repeated luck.

El Gordo is, without a doubt, the prize that everyone wants when December 22 arrives. His prize is 4,000,000 euros for the series, which is equivalent to 400,000 euros for the tenth (20,000 euros per euro played). The first prize has fallen up to 64 times in a number between 0 and 10,000.

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