These are the new games coming to Nvidia GeForce Now this week

Nvidia has announced that 12 new games will arrive on its GeForce Now cloud streaming platform this week.

Below is a complete list of all titles:

  • Beyond Contact (published day and date on Steam, September 21st)
  • Kena: Bridge of Spirits (release date on Epic Games Store, September 21st)
  • Sheltered 2 (release date and day on Steam, September 21st)
  • World War Z: Aftermath (release date on Steam, September 21st)
  • Sable (release day and date on Steam and Epic Games Store, September 23)
  • The Escapists (free at Epic Games Store, September 23)
  • Darwin Project (Steam)
  • EVE online (Epic Games Store)
  • Gas station simulator (Steam)
  • Badly created (Steam)
  • Professional fishing (Steam)
  • Zanki Zero: Last Beginning (Steam)

Nvidia’s cloud gaming service offers two membership options. The first is the free route that gives you standard access to the platform with a game limit of one hour per session. Once the hour is up, you can queue again for another hour of free play, although you may have to wait a bit.

Nvidia also offers a paid membership option that gives you priority access to the game servers without any session duration limits. This subscription costs $ 12.99 / month or $ 129.99 / year.

Learn more about Nvidia GeForce and its subscription options here.

Image Credit: Nvidia

Source: Nvidia

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