These are the cars excluded from the new ITV test

The new model vehicle overhaul It has generated certain uncertainties among car owners. When facing the Technical inspection of vehicles (ITV) some doubts always arise, increased on this occasion by various novelties to be applied. Among them, a new emissions test (via OBD system) that many are concerned about, although, according to experts, it should not cause alarm. It is the new detail of the vehicles that will be looked at with a magnifying glass in the inspection centers of passenger cars, but drivers must inform themselves before being alarmed, since many cars will be excluded from this test and, furthermore, the ITV experts’ forecasts are that the OBD system test will be passed by most vehicles.

What is the OBD system?

OBD (On Board Diagnostics) is a on-board diagnostic system in vehicles, with which the ITV centers have now been equipped. This reading system enables them to obtain a complete monitoring and control of the engine and other devices of the vehicle. Thus, they can comprehensively and reliably analyze the level of vehicle emissions.

What vehicles must overcome it?

Not all vehicles are required to measure their emissions through the on-board diagnostic (OBD) system. Emission control with the OBD system applies exclusively to vehicles registered as of January 1, 2011, and to industrial vehicles as of January 1, 2014.

The fine you least expect when parking your car on the street

The scarcity of parking is a real headache for thousands of drivers, especially on the streets of big cities. At the moment in Spain, there are not a majority of those who have two parking spaces despite having more than one vehicle in the family, and even more than two. So those who have found a parking space in the neighborhood at noon or at night will have to face the same desperate mission the next day.

But those who believe that by leaving the car well parked, in a permitted area, they are already free of a sanction, they are wrong. There is a fine that many drivers have already applied and it has nothing to do with the previous assumptions. Because leaving the car parked is no excuse for it not having all the documentation in order. And the driver does not need to be inside the vehicle either. In fact, a sanction is being imposed that the affected person finds out when the letter from the DGT arrives at his home.

Can you be fined for parking on the street without the ITV or expired?

The experts assure that yes without any doubt. Only in these cases the trigger for the sanctioning file will always be circumstantial, or the result of a fatality. The one that an agent of the Local Police or the Civil Guard is given a day to ‘comb’ the streets of your neighborhood and warns that your car lacks the sticker or that it seems that it exceeds the validity of the review.

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From specialized traffic law firms confirm the increase in these penalties in recent months. Fines of which only the owners of vehicles that had processed the temporary withdrawal have been freed.

Whether it is circulating or parked, the fine for not having an ITV does not vary. From 200 euros for rolling with the validity of the inspection past date, at 500 euros if it is confirmed that it did not exceed it. In the first case, the 50% discount is applied for prompt payment, while for the second the figure is immovable.

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