I take the liberty of taking over from an elderly lady who apostrophized in front of the cameras former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, who decided to index old age pensions. “You lied to us, Charlie Brown,” she said rightly. Mulroney backed off.

Sometimes, I stress the sometimes, the words of older people are powerful. But times have changed. Our vote is not worth much, our opinion is little sought. Is it because in politics, we don’t let ourselves be told just anything?

Justin trudeau, haven’t you lied enough since 2015? You dare to look straight in front of you at the camera and pretend that you are launching this election campaign because you want to gauge the opinion of Canadians as to what to do with a view to ending the health crisis.

Since March 2020, citizens have had to resign themselves to trusting public health experts, epidemiologists and respecting health instructions. Seniors have submitted to cutting off social contacts, mostly shutting themselves off at home, or alone in their CHSLD or RPA rooms in large numbers. And now it would be up to us, the citizens young and old, resigned and vaccinated for the most part, to advise you on what to do next? What Machiavellianism!

In this pandemic, there has been no substantive debate, because the majority of us rely on science in order to one day come to the end of this pandemic. However, we were counting on the deputies in Ottawa and Quebec to argue for a desirable improvement to be made in terms of financial support or health flexibility. In a healthy democracy, pandemic or not, the role of opposition parties and the media is crucial.

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What does the Elderly Vote mean to you? $ 500 just for those 75 and over, and it is no coincidence that the check in the mail or the direct deposit arrives when the election campaign kicks off. It is a lie to us, Charlie Brown, to tell us old people that you are very concerned about the aging of the population.

Home care, the quality of long-term care establishments? If this had been a glaring priority for you, you would long ago have agreed to provide the health transfers that most provinces demand without preconditions.

If Quebec had been able to count on the sum that was fully owed to it, we might not have had a massacre in the CHSLDs. Our governments have failed to protect the most vulnerable, especially due to a lack of funding for public health. It’s not easy to grow old with this in mind.

Your campaign is referendum. You want carte blanche to form a majority government. My memory, rather faithful, dictates to me caution, because I know from experience that there is nothing more arrogant than a majority government affirming that it decides and acts with the consent of a majority of voters, and minimizes the importance of holding debates in parliament and parliamentary committee, regardless of whether the number of seats is not proportional to the number of votes.

If even older people may have trusted you in 2015, believing it was worth betting on a young party leader, you were elected out of spite for Harper. And, two years ago, you lost the majority. You have been elected prime minister twice by default.

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If my vote as a young sixty-year-old, in your eyes, was not worth some bonus, the one you pay to the 75 and over is insulting. Jean-Francois Lisée Right, you deserve a lesson in humility, in my opinion, especially for your lack of intellectual honesty, your lack of concern for the fate of elders and your violation of the promise to play politics differently.

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