After seventeen days of occupation, the area to be defended (ZAD) of the Triangle de Gonesse (Val-d’Oise) was evacuated on Tuesday 23 February. A large police force was deployed in this area occupied by demonstrators who came to protest against the creation of a future Grand Paris metro station.

“The buses are leaving, with people inside”, said Bernard Loup, president of the Collectif pour le Triangle de Gonesse (CPTG), which is not at the origin of this illegal occupation but actively supported it. “There was no violence or confrontation” between the thirty occupants and the police who came in large numbers, he said. “The CRS arrived around 6 am, we are surrounded, they invaded the ZAD”, had testified a little earlier an activist on the spot.

Busy since the beginning of the month

Since February 7, a handful of citizens – and up to a hundred on weekends – have occupied this land on which makeshift huts have been built. They defend an alternative agricultural project and denounce the artificialization of these lands considered fertile, which are to accommodate the future station of line 17 of the Grand Paris Express, as well as a possible activity zone with still unclear outlines.

Friday, the Pontoise court ordered the immediate evacuation of the land, owned by the Ile-de-France Public Land Establishment (EPFIF). “The government will have to explain why it is maintaining this station and what it will be used for. We must stop talking about ecological transition, we must do it now! “, urged Mr. Loup. “The fight will continue”, he added.

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Abandonment of Europacity

Line 17 is to connect Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis) to Roissy-CDG airport in 2030, via the Triangle de Gonesse, where it was initially intended to serve the Europacity shopping and leisure mega-complex.

But since Emmanuel Macron announced in November 2019 the abandonment of this flagship project, the fate of these 280 hectares of agricultural land, strategically located about fifteen kilometers north of Paris, remains uncertain.

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