The youth of Junts ask to proclaim independence after another election

  • He assumes that this route would generate “repression” and “personal costs” but asks to take on this challenge

The Nationalist Youth of Catalonia (JNC), a youth organization linked to Junts after years associated with Convergenceproposes calling Catalan elections again so that, in the event of an absolute pro-independence majority, independence is proclaimed.

This is stated in a draft of the youth for the convention that will be held next weekend. The text assumes that this pro-independence proposal will generate “repression” and “personal costs” but asks to accept this reality for “future generations”.

Specifically, in the document that the JNC is preparing, it is proposed that after new elections, if the pro-independence parties obtain an absolute majority of the votes and seats, they will proclaim independence in Parliament after the investiture of the new ‘president’. Proclamation supported by the result of the 2017 referendum. In the electoral campaign of 14-F, the Junts candidate, Laura Borrasalso promised to activate the declaration of independence with an absolute pro-independence majority if Junts won.

Disobedience without disorder

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From there, the JNC proposes a Government of national concentration, a national transition law, a constitutional study paper and the request for international recognition, among other steps. Elections should also be called again, this time constituents, so that the new Parliament drafts the new Catalan Constitution, which must be ratified in a referendum. After that, elections will be called again, which would already be the first in the Catalan republic.

All this, according to the youth of Junts, without “deadlines or contemplations” and through a method of disobedience that should not be confused, they affirm, with “public disorder.” In this regard, they cite as positive examples precedents such as that of Thoreau and Gandhi and speak of the need to “weaken” the power of the State with forms such as tax disobedience.

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