The year of Rau_Ze’s first times

Two years after winning the Francouvertes, Rau_Ze launches Turn our lives around, the first album that the two members made themselves in their living room and which made them experience a lot of first times. Portrait of a creative duo who understand and complement each other.

Rau_Ze is the perfect mix between the fire of singer Rose Perron, 23 years old, and the quest for perfection of musician and director Félix Paul, 26 years old. “Artistically speaking, we are in business ! », Launches Rose in an interview, specifying that they are not a couple in real life.

“I think that each of us on our own wouldn’t have achieved much,” says Félix. His friend looks at him gently. “Sometimes I think about it, I’m so grateful to know you. »

Extract of Turn our lives aroundby Rau_Ze

“But we value our autonomy! We are not codependent,” he adds.

They indeed have related activities: Rose is in particular more and more in demand as a chorister. But the two artists, who have known each other and been making music together for six years, form a close-knit team.

The Rau_Ze project was officially defined in 2022, on the eve of their registration for the Les Francouvertes competition. At that time they were surrounded by a core of musicians, but they ended up clarifying things: Rau_Ze is the two of them.

It’s us, our tunes, we think that in our basements. THE live, it’s different, it’s a family affair. I’ve been playing with them since I was 17. They are the musicians of our lives!

Rose Perron

Things took off quickly for Rau_Ze after his victory at the Francouvertes. “We had done 45 shows before even releasing a single song! », says Rose. A year later, with only three songs available on Spotify, the duo had reached 33,000 monthly listeners.


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