The White House plans new measures in the face of supply problems in the United States

The White House announced Wednesday that it will take new measures this month to reduce congestion problems at american ports.

“We have seen very important progress in the ports, with a 40% reduction in the time spent by containers in the port,” said councilor Brian Deese, during a press conference.

The administration of Joe Biden In October, it promoted the 24-hour operation of the port of Los Angeles, the most important in the United States, to speed up the unloading of merchandise and reduce the waiting line of ships waiting to unload their merchandise.

In early November, the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach imposed a fee on ocean carriers for shipments that spend more than eight days in port.

“But on this front, we still have work to do. It’s why later this month we will take additional steps with ports across the country to find new locations to move products and impose new costs on empty containers left behind.” the port,” he said.

The government believes that it is “the best way to help expand the economy’s ability to deliver goods and services to the American people.”

Deese also considered that the country “is in a unique and solid economic situation in many aspects”, but recognized that it is necessary to attack the rise in prices that affects the pockets of American households.

Inflation grew by 7% in 2021, a level unheard of since June 1982.

“Our goal now is to assess where we are and try to resolve the problems we are facing, with the aim of trying to accelerate the course of recovery” economic, added the counselor.


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