The w word… Could we calm down the pom pom?

Since the start of the pandemic, we will have witnessed the best and the worst of what we are capable of in terms of solidarity and resilience. When it comes to the best, the leadership of our leaders who, in the face of uncertainty and adversity, have made decisions to maximize the common good is noteworthy, as is the dedication of teachers and health workers who have carried at arm’s length the fight against COVID despite difficult and exhausting working conditions.

As for what we could observe of less interesting, let us remember how difficult it is for us to unite in times of crisis and to what extent negativism, conspiracy as well as an individualistic conception of “liberty” are present and are sources of division as we are called to stand together and stick together.

In addition, we have not been spared by our politicians’ pursuit of power. Proof: this irresponsible decision to call an election in the midst of a pandemic. This will have resulted in an expensive electoral campaign without a common thread, carried out in the “go as I push you!” “And which sadly reminded us,” live and coast to coast During the leaders’ debate in English, to what extent the Quebec bashing is still present in the ROC (rest of Canada).

It did not take more for the level of verbal swelling to rise a notch between our elected officials. The legitimate anger of Francois Legault however, went into the minefield of a recommendation of support for the Conservative Party, which he formulated under the pretext of defending the autonomy of Quebec, despite the ambiguous and sometimes convoluted positions of the troops ofErin O’Toole on the fight against climate change and on a number of issues of social significance, which clash head-on with the values ​​of Quebec society.

And here the cockfight is moving to the National Assembly. Between Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois who invokes the Maurice Duplessis era, although at the time he was not even born, and François Legault who goes so far as to define a vocabulary woke nationalist flavor, would it be too much asked of our politicians to calm down and spare us these verbal jousts that lead nowhere, the time being for consultation rather than crimping buns.

It would be a privileged opportunity to embody the principle of “doing politics differently …”!

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