The voices of Mario, Master Chief and Nathan Drake arrive at Fan Expo Canada

Fan Expo Canada has announced three video game related guests, and they are quite large.

Voices of Super MarioMario (Charles Martinet), auraMaster Chief (Steve Downes) and UnexploredNathan Drake (Nolan North) will be making an appearance at the Toronto-based convention in October.

It’s quite a remarkable achievement for the show, as the actors play the characters that represent the “Big Three” in the games: Nintendo (Mario), Xbox (aura) and PlayStation (Unexplored).

Fan Expo Canada is up and running under a ‘Limited Edition’ format this year amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that total attendance will be limited to 25,000 people and the show will last three days (October 22-24) instead of the usual four. With that in mind, Martinet is scheduled to appear all three days (the website also incorrectly lists it as “Thursday,” even though the show did not participate that day), as is North. Meanwhile, Downes is scheduled to appear only on Friday.

The actors will offer autographs and photographs at their tables. It seems that some kind of joint panel to share their respective experiences in the games would also make a lot of sense, but one has yet to be confirmed. We reached out to Fan Expo and will update this story once a response has been received or an official schedule has been revealed.

Other guests at this year’s Fan Expo include Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking bad, The mandalorian and the next Canadian-made Far Cry 6), Toronto’s own Stephen Amell (Arrow, Heels) and Robbie Amell (The flash, Upload), Michael Rooker (Guardians of the Galaxy, The Walking Dead), Montreal’s own William Shatner (Star trek) and Ray Fisher (Zack Snyder’s Justice League).

Tickets start at $ 35 CAD; you can get more information here.

Source: Fan Expo Canada

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