The Vivi has apologized for older racist and homophobic tweets. – © Lionel Guericolas / ITV / B233 / TF1

On Saturday he made a passage noticed in The Voice with his cover of Suicide social from Orelsan. Sunday, it is for a completely different reason that The Vivi was talked about on social networks. Internet users have found racist and homophobic tweets posted by the candidate in 2017, reports

Others screenshot circulated online. In one of them, The Vivi wrote: “OK, [ma meuf] at 11, I’m 17 but it’s not that bad ”and added“ ^^ ”symbolizing laughter.

The rapper’s Twitter account, also a Twitch streamer, followed by more than 23,000 people, was deactivated on Sunday.

In the evening, The Vivi apologized via his account Instagram. “Since this morning, I see old tweets that stand out that I wrote when I was 17 years old. As I reread these messages, I feel a sense of shame, ”he wrote.

“I didn’t mean a word of what I wrote”

“These are the words of a reckless teenager that send shivers down my spine. I didn’t mean a word of what I wrote. I apologize to all the people I could offend with these shameful messages, ”he continued.

This story recalls that of a former candidate for the show. In 2018, Mennel Ibtissem had to apologize for old controversial tweets. Faced with the strong reactions generated by these messages, the singer had made the decision to leave the program currently being broadcast.

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