The villa promised to the investment banker Grégoire Chertok in Corsica disputed by civil society

Is it because the Corsican National Liberation Front (FLNC) announced, on September 2, to take up arms again? Or because the potential buyer of a villa on the Saint-Jean property, a 9.2 hectare estate located in Bonifacio, is Grégoire Chertok, a Rothschild investment banker, a former colleague of Emmanuel Macron?

Still, the recent promise to sell a property has made the small island agricultural world jump, in particular the chamber of agriculture of Haute-Corse and the FDSEA, through its president, Joseph, known as “Loulou”, Colombani. He suspects a land speculation operation and denounced it, this Monday, September 6, during a press conference in Vescovato (Haute-Corse).

At the center of the questions, two plots of 3,500 m2, which are enclosed in the property, near the golf course of Spône. These two lands had been acquired by the sellers, the Masurel family, just before being the subject of a promise of sale to an SCI belonging to Grégoire Chertok, with the rest of the property, which includes a large house and a swimming pool. .

These two plots, accuses Mr. Colombani, were ceded by the army, their owner, at a price he considers ridiculous, of 9,000 euros. “This operation was carried out without advertising while part of the land touches the sea”, accuses Mr. Colombani, who asks that the Land Development and Rural Establishment Company (Safer) and the Coastal Conservatory use their right of pre-emption. “We denounce the impossibility for young people to find accommodation in Corsica, for farmers to settle: we want to mark the occasion”, continues the nationalist president of the FDSEA, who calls for a rally in situ, this Saturday.

Clarification from the prefect

In the wealthy town of Bonifacio, whose mayor Jean-Charles Orsucci (LRM) is the recurring target of environmental associations – which denounce irregularities at the urban plan -, the subject is sensitive. It is in Bonifacio, too, that the villas belonging to the Ferracci family, whose son Marc is an adviser to the Head of State, had been, in 2019, targeted by an explosive attack claimed by the FLNC of 22-October.

“It is wrong to say that this is a speculative deal with a dirt cheap deal,” says Lelarge

Questioned by the president of the local FDSEA, the regional prefect, Pascal Lelarge, stepped up to clarify the situation of the Saint-Jean property. “It is wrong to say that it is a speculative affair with a low-cost operation, the coastal law is rigorously applied in Corsica”, affirms to World the state representative, who requested an investigation to verify the estimate. The prefect, who has been in the crosshairs of the nationalists since his arrival, says he wants the Coastal Conservatory to preempt the piece of beach from the property. “It’s a business that is proceeding normally, we do not need Mr. Colombani to give us lessons”, slice Mr. Lelarge.

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