Sunny Hostin at home this weekend | Photo: Instagram Sunny Hostin

The two “The View” hosts whose positive COVID-19 tests delayed an interview with Vice President Kamala Harris last week said Monday that their results were “false positives.”

The context: Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro were taken off the air Friday in a surprising moment on live television that forced Harris to conduct an abbreviated interview from a distance.

  • None of The View hosts who were on Friday contacted Harris.
  • Hostin and Navarro, along with Joy Behar and Sara Haines, underwent multiple tests over the weekend and all results were negative, the show said.

What do they say? “It was really uncomfortable that my results were released publicly before I knew what was going on,” host Hostin stated on Monday.

  • “That (the test result) resulted in a really awkward show that I’d like to bring back if I could,” said “The View” executive producer Brian Teta, recalling the situation and apologizing on the air to Hostin and Navarro. .
  • Hostin stated that she is fully vaccinated, so she was convinced that she would probably be fine even if the test was positive.

Main source of the news: AP

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