Like the two teams who fought on the pitch and the 5,000 spectators who saw them put on a breathtaking spectacle, resilience was there on Saturday night at the Saputo stadium.

Resilience on the pitch from a team that dominated a game from start to finish as they have done so infrequently in recent years, but have had to come back from behind twice rather than one to snatch a 5-4 victory over FC Cincinnati.

Resilience, above all, in the immediate entourage of this same team on the part of a man who, in his thirties, courageously faces the disease.

A man who, today, tries to inspire with this courage those he wanted to help by accepting, before the start of the season, a position of assistant instructor with CF Montreal.

This man is Jason di Tullio, who attended the meeting of a box at the Saputo stadium.

“We have a thought for Jason, because Jason came this week and he gave us his strength. Today too, this victory is for him, ”said CF Montreal head coach Wilfried Nancy.

Just under ten days ago, via CF Montreal’s Twitter account, di Tullio sent a message to team staff, players and fans thanking them for their support.

“I have completed the first stages of my treatment and I am feeling very well. I am physically and mentally ready to go through the next treatments and the challenges ahead. “

“With all your support and prayers, I am confident to be back on the sidelines soon. “

Mason Toye, one of the stars of Saturday’s victory with a brace, also expressed his feelings for di Tullio. He also spoke about his visit to Center Nutrilait the day before the match.

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“’Coach’ Jason is fighting for his life right now. What he says most often is “Never give up” [N’abandonnez jamais]. He came to talk to us before training on Friday. It was a big boost for us to see it. He was saying how much he likes to see us play. We had it in mind tonight [samedi]. We are talking about a man who fights for his life when we have the chance to play soccer. We wanted to keep fighting. This is our approach. “

Keep trying

It’s not every day that CF Montreal – or formerly the Impact, whose logo was very present among the 5,000 spectators gathered in the stands of the Saputo stadium – erases two deficits of two goals to deserve a victory.

A win not necessarily pretty, especially for a team that tied for second in MLS in goals conceded, with just 11 in 12 games, and who had reason to be proud of never having conceded more. two goals per game to his opponents in 2021.

“Obviously, we don’t like games in which we give up four goals. It pushes us to score five, but it still shows the resilience of our group. We never let go and we continue to play our style. It was just another game we got stuck in, ”Toye also noted.

If it had been necessary that his troops bow rather than achieve this irresistible comeback of 3 goals in 15 minutes towards the end of the second half, Nancy might have said different things.

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But maybe not, too, because Nancy knows full well that he manages several young players who are not immune to blunders.

And he wants to see them go forward.

“You’re going to take me for a fool, but I loved it because it proves that the band doesn’t pretend,” Nancy said, describing the emotions he felt on Saturday night.

“The group lived outside. We were at home [samedi], we were in adversity. At half-time, I told the players “yes, we made some mistakes”. But I wanted them to keep trying because I would rather have them make mistakes than see them pretend to be perfect. “

With its victory, CF Montreal (6-3-4) remained at the height of the fight in the Eastern Conference. Above all, this victory could have positive effects on the rest of the team’s journey in 2021.

“The future, I do not know it, but what interests me is that I am not surprised by what the group did today [samedi] because [les joueurs] have always been resilient, ”said Nancy.

“What I want is that we be able to do it again because we are in the competition, but also in an environment of progression for the players. That’s what interests me. “

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